All Ye Cheapo Desi SOBs, Forget Cremation or Burial

Yeah, yeah we know the Hindu clowns think they won’t get moksha until they are cremated and the Muslim and Christian idiots think they won’t find salvation until they are buried. But we say, screw all that cremation/burial bakwas (nonsense). Instead, donate your organs for there are so many in desperate need of them. In […]

Hindu Clowns to Launch Cow-ca-Cola

(Thanks to terraferrous…yes, we made a reference to this piece in the comments section but this is too hilarious not to merit a separate post) India’s numero uno Hindu clowns, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the self-styled protectors of the country’s 828 million cow-worshippers, is threatenening to unleash a new Cow-ca-Cola (cow piss fortified with […]

India’s Shame – 231 Million Hungry Souls

India has many things to be ashamed of – entrenched corruption, pathetic basic infrastructure, frequent communal violence, abject poverty and chronic hunger of its many poor millions, to name just a few. But nothing is more shameful than the growing number of chronically hungry or undernourished people in the country. According to the Food and […]

86,400 Preventable Deaths

We just read a few minutes back that every day in America 240 people die from healthcare acquired/associated infections (i.e. infections acquired in a hospital, long-term care facility, home care, nursing home). That’s 86,400 deaths a year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines healthcare-associated infections as infections that patients acquire during the […]

Do Doctors in India Still Make House Calls?

Forget house calls. In America, it’s hard to get doctors to even pay attention to you, whether you have insurance or lack it. The greedy swines are forever looking at the clock, hoping to  squeeze in as many people into their hectic schedules as inhumanly possible. (Indian doctors in America are among the worst. They […]

As U.S. Doctors/Hospitals get Screwed, Will India Gain?

Next in line to get screwed big time in the U.S. is the healthcare system, by which we mean the American doctors and hospitals. The big question is will India stand to gain from the collapse of the American healthcare system or will other nations like Singapore, Mexico, Israel, Phillipines or Poland reap the benefits. As […]