U.S. Exports Swine Flu to India

Media reports from India indicate that a NRI (non-resident Indian) from Texas may have brought swine flu to the South Indian city of Hyderabad. The patient, who landed in Hyderabad two days back, has been quarantined at the Government Chest Hospital in Yerragada. Scared witless by the incident, Indian authorities have now enhanced screening

Suffering from Depression or Anxiety? No? Are You Sure?

We don’t know about your country but in ours anxiety and depression run rampant (we’ve heard rumors that even pets like cats, dogs and guinea-pigs suffer from depression here). An estimated 40 million suffer from anxiety and 21 million from depression in the U.S. Here are some signs of anxiety and depression – feelings of […]

Reddy’s Promises to Prettify Ugly Indian Faces

Updated To all ye schmucks who think that Indian babes are the prettiest sight on Planet Earth, let’s disabuse you of such fanciful notions. Folks, take it from us – there’s no uglier sight than an acne-marked desi face. Only a red-bottomed monkey comes anywhere close. Some Relief for Sore Eyes Anji Reddy’s Dr. Reddy’s […]

America’s Dirty Little Secret

A new survey released today by Kaiser Family Foundation offers more depressing health care news – six out of ten respondents said their family has delayed or skipped medical care in the past year due to cost reasons. The survey finds that the most common actions taken by people because of the cost constraints are substituting home […]

Got Herpes? You’ve Got Some Dating Relief Now

Many summers ago, we read an article in Time about Herpes. The crux of the Time piece was – You can’t kill it. It can’t kill you. Not much has changed since. Herpes (including genital herpes) still doesn’t have a cure. According to Wiki: Herpes Simplex Virus is transmitted during close contact with an infected […]

America’s Doctors – Greedy Scumbags

We’ve said this on several occasions. Doctors in the U.S. count among the worst living creatures. Animals in white coats. These shameless scumbags will do anything for a few nickels. The New York Times had an interesting article the other day about how doctors are making it very difficult for injured workers to get medical […]

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