Incredible India 21; Our Poor, Poor Netas

Here comes Incredible India – 21. Nearly 40 years after Indira Gandhi took on Morarji Desai, Sanjiva Reddy, Nijalingappa, Kamaraj and other members of the Congress old guard with Garibi Hatao, the Congress (R) slogan in the 1971 elections, India’s politicians have managed to accomplish that herculean feat, albeit only for themselves. So what if […]

Incredible India 19; Next Rohini May be Your Daughter

Folks, time now for yet another episode of Incredible India, those only in India stories. * Your child goes to a school in India. But will she come back or will it be her corpse that you see in the evening? Six-year-old Rohini, an UKG student at a private school near Trichy in South India, died after […]

Incredible India 18; Hell with the Girls, I Want a Son

Here comes the 18th instalment of Incredible India, with those only-in-India stories. This edition of Incredible India will focus on the travails of the female sex. Remember what you read below is merely a microcosm of what women and young girls across the country endure every day. * A father of five girls upset that […]

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