Incredible India 17; Agony of Indian Widows

Life is unceasing misery for hundreds of millions in India. For few is the daily misery as terrible as for the widows in India, with many abandoned in the City of Widows – Vrindavan, where these unfortunate souls live chanting Lord Krishna’s name for a few morsels (Hindu tradition has it that Krishna, one of […]

Incredible India – 16; Deaf, Dumb & Raped

Folks, here’s the latest instalment of Incredible India, those Only in India stories. * Even the deaf and dumb are not spared from sexual assaults in India. Several young deaf and dumb girls were repeatedly raped over several months allegedly by their teachers at a school in Tutu, near Shimla. Here’s an excerpt from the Times […]

Incredible India 15; Beggar Capital of the World

Lo, here comes the 15th instalment of Incredible India with those only-in-India stories. * Beggar Capital of the World – India’s capital New Delhi has 58,000 beggars, most of them children, according to the Voice of America. * Laddu Explodes in Cow’s Mouth: No kidding, folks. Read this story in Times of India. * SSC […]

Incredible India – 14; Great Indian Hunger-Strike Drama

This edition of Incredible India focuses on the Great Indian Hunger Strike tamasha.  Can anyone please help us resolve this dilemma - Every day in India, some group of idiots launch a hunger strike. Yet India’s population is not going down and more and more Indians increasingly resemble Namitha. 😉 Here are some of the different […]

India – A Shitty Country, Literally

Image Source: WHO, 2010 Mera Bharat Mahan. Incredible India. Shining India. Wow, nice sounding feel-good words, na? Folks, as we were desultorily roaming across the gullies and byways of the Internet a few hours back, we stumbled upon a Bloomberg story about a most disturbing crisis that’s very open but yet not acknowledged by most […]