Incredible India – 7

India is truly fertile soil for a cornucopia of those weird only-in-India stories. Here’s instalment 7 of Incredible India. * A sick man in the South Indian state of Kerala died after the dilapidated stretcher on which he was placed broke into two and he fell to the ground. If the end result wasn’t so […]

Incredible India 6 – Great Indian Navels

This instalment of Incredible India focuses on the Indian idee fixe with navels of our women. For purely titillating reasons, Indian movie-makers and moviegoers have been fixated on the navels of our girls for several decades. When you can’t show the mountains above or the valley below in their god-created pristine form, what else is […]

Incredible India – 5

Here comes yet another instalment of Incredible India featuring those only-in-India stories. * Checking adulterants for adulteration. Apparently, there is so much adulteration of gold in India that the prices of adulterants have shot up, leaving jewelers worried about adulteration of the adulterants. Read this excerpt: It is paradoxical, but both iridium and ruthenium have […]

Incredible India – 4

Folks, here comes the fourth instalment of Incredible India with those only-in-India stories. * Ram’s Monkeys Run Amok in Mangalore Pub. A bunch of thugs belonging to the Shri Ram Sena attacked some girls in the coastal city of Mangalore in the South Indian state of Karnataka. Why? Because the girls were having a good […]

Incredible India – 3

Here’s another instalment of Incredible India featuring some of those only-in-India incredible stories: * This is weird. Shiv Sena, a political party in Maharashtra, is looking at selling a branded version of the vada paav snack called Shiv Vada Paav. What next? DMK Idli, AIADMK Pakoda, BJP Bajji, Congress Mysore Pak, BSP Jalebi, Akali Jamun, CPM Rosogolla…Here’s […]

Incredible India – 2

Here’s Take 2 of Incredible India containing some of those only-in-India incredible stories: * Priests at an Orissa temple performed a special purificatory ceremony after the visit of a Dalit minister. There must be a special place reserved in hell for the Brahmin swines who still engage in obnoxious discriminatory practices in many parts of […]