India Digest – Ph.D Factory, Hiring Spree & More

* Only in India Stories – If your subordinate asks for leave, better grant it pronto unless you want him to behave like this policeman in Andhra Pradesh. (Times of India) * TCS on Ferocious Hiring Spree – U.S. Job Killer Tata Consultancy Services to hire 37,000 Coolies in fiscal year 2012 (April 1, 2011-March […]

India Digest – Manmohan, Supreme Court, Abhishek

* Cabinet Reshuffle – If Manmohan Singh eventually notches up any achievement to his credit, it’ll be for preventing Rahul Gandhi’s easy accession to the throne. A corruption scandal a day and this budda is blithely shuffling around the rickety chairs on the falling deck as if all’s well with the nation. Maybe, a shot […]