India Digest – Indian Beasts Find Thrill in Rape

As Indians start to make a little money to eat two meals a day and buy a few clothes to cover their private parts, some of them are exhibiting weird and violent behavior. You can’t open an Indian newspaper these days without reading of yet another rape or molestation. No, we’re not making it up. […]

India Digest: Noose Tightens around Indian Nero

* Noose Tightens on Indian Nero – Here on SI, we’ve long held Gujarat Chief Minister and Hindu leader Narendra Modi guilty of playing Nero while Muslims were butchered and set afire in the post-Godhra riots of 2002. But Modi’s role may have gone further than merely playing Nero. Indian investigative magazine Tehelka has yet […]

India Digest – Somebody in Prison, Please Make Raja Your Girlfriend; Indian Docs Find Cure for Brain Tumor – Sodomy

* God, somebody please make former Indian Telecom Minister Raja your girlfriend – Are there no men in any Indian prisons? (NDTV). * BJP is Right – Too little, too late. (NDTV) * Indian Doctors Find Cure for Childrens’ Brain Tumor – Sodomy. No kidding! A tragedy beyond description. (Hindu) * Testosterone Triggers Violence – […]

India Digest – I’m Not Me; Pray Nude for Political Chair

* I’m Not Me – Only in India can infamous personalities get away/try to get away with hilarious claims that I’m Not Me. Even if there are video tapes about their sexcapades or witnesses claiming they were driving the SUV that mowed down some poor pavement dwellers, I’m not Me is the arrogant response. Hey, […]