India News for iPhone 3G – A Junk App

We’ve long believed that most Indian software developers are fit only for Coolie, repetitive tasks. Ask them to develop a decent consumer or small business application and most of them fall flat on their face. Those with long memories will remember that even the “great” Tata Consultancy Services failed to make much headway with the EX accounting […]

iPhone 3G gets First Software Update

Apple has put out the first update to the iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2.0 software. The new version 2.0.1, which users can get via iTunes, provides a bunch of enhancements and fixes. iPhone 3G Here are some of the enhancements, according to AppleInsider: * Contacts are more responsive * Makes future backups faster * Keypad […]

iPhone 3G – Our Shameless Surrender

If we had any brains, we wouldn’t be pissing away money on over-priced, over-hyped gadgets like the iPhone 3G. But we are human after all (though many readers of the blog may disagree here) and so we succumbed to the twin banes of American capitalism – temptation and hype. Yes, we trudged over to the AT&T […]

iPhone 3G: Indian Software Firm Offers App Services

Udupi-based Mac software developer Robosoft Technologies is developing native applications for Apple’s new iPhone 3G, set for release on July 11, 2008. Robosoft CEO Rohith Bhat said that the company had already delivered four native iPhone 3G applications to customers in the U.S. One of the applications focuses on social networking while the rest are […]

iPhone – The Countdown Starts

In less than 48 hours, Apple’s iPhone, one of the most hyped and awaited gadgets of the 21st century will be launched. The iPhone combines Apple’s runaway hit iPod music player with a cell phone that includes a browser and e-mail software as well. The quad-band GSM phone also plays video and features a 2 […]

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