Free iPhone Wi-Fi – One More Reason to Visit Starbucks

Ever seen our Gujjus made the coffee at Dunkin Donuts virtually non-potable, we’ve dropped anchor at Starbucks for our Caffeine fix. Now, there’s one more reason Starbucks is better than Dunkin Donuts: AT&T is offering free Wi-Fi to iPhone customers at Starbucks. Since we occasionally use the iPhone to process comment or make brief posts […]

Real Time Indian Traffic App on iPhone

Traffic in India stressing you out? We don’t blame ya. After driving in the traffic hells of Los Angeles, New York City and elsewhere in the U.S. for so many years, we understand your situation too well. Help could be at hand with a new application called Traffic India for the iPhone that claims to provide […]

iPhone gets a Spreadsheet

UK software company Softalk Ltd has put out what it claims is the first spreadsheet application for Apple’s iPhone mobile phone. Priced at $7.99, the spreadsheet application is being sold via the Apple App Store. The spreadsheet is said to feature over 50 functions and allows users to e-mail spreadsheets created on the iPhone to […]

Can Google’s Android Phone Stop iPhone Juggernaut?

With T-Mobile launching G1 – the first cell phone powered by Google’s Android operating system – today in New York City, the big question is whether the Linux-based Android phones can slow down the momentum of Apple’s iPhone. Manufactured by Taiwanese firm HTC, the T-Mobile G1 phone will start selling on October 22 in the […]

Apple Lost the PC Battle but Won the Entertainment War

Lost amid the hype of the successful iPod and the iPhone is Apple’s steady emergence as a giant in the entertainment arena. So what if Apple lost the PC battle of the 20th century to Microsoft. You see, Apple has already ground Microsoft, RealNetworks, Napster and other sundry players into the dust in the bigger entertainment war […]