Mamma Mia! 100 Million Downloads from Apple Store

In the evening of our lives, few things strike us as revolutionary. But if anything deserves the characterization of revolutionary, it’s Apple’s App Store. Launched just three months back, Apple’s App Store has become wildly popular. So popular, according to Apple that users have downloaded over 100 million applications in three months. Yes, folks that’s […]

Panchang Comes to iPhone

All ye superstitious idiots, rejoice – there’s a new Panchang application on the iPhone. For centuries, the Panchang or calendar, has been the combined equivalent of the Bible, Koran and Torah to guide the Hindu devout to the various festivals and auspicious/inauspicious days. To tap into the Hindu obsession with the Panchang, a new application […]

Games Continue to Dominate iPhone 3G Apps

Nearly two months after Apple launched the App Store for the new iPhone 3G mobile phone and the older iPod touch, games continue to dominate the store. The App Store, which has been a mega hit with over 60 million downloads (as of August 11), lets iPhone 3G and iPod touch users download applications

iPhone 3G – Hold Off on the Purchase in India

Apple’s iPhone 3G officially debuts in India on Friday, 43 days after the hot mobile phone was launched in the U.S. After 41 days of owning and using a 16GB iPhone 3G in the U.S., we would caution potential buyers that the hype is way ahead of the reality for this device. Caught up like a lot […]

iPhone App Store a Big Hit: 60m Downloads

60 million downloads. Yes, iPhone users have downloaded a whopping 60 million software programs in the 30 days or so since Apple’s App Store and the new 3G phone was launched, according to the Wall Street Journal (subscription required). Apple said it’d sold $30 million in apps from the store in one month, giving it […]

iPhone 3G Coming to India on August 22

iPhone 3G – Hold Off on the Purchase  Apple’s hot iPhone 3G is officially landing in India on August 22. Indian wireless carrier Bharti Airtel has said it’ll launch the iPhone 3G on August 22. Since India still does not have a 3G network, Indian users will have to be content with slow browsing speeds […]