Paki Pigs Pimping White Gals in UK

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said a gazillion times. Most Pakistanis are monsters vaguely resembling humans. Now some of these Paki pigs in UK have made a profession out of abusing White Girls. How long before these swines bring their dirty practices to America. Here, read this excerpt from the UK’s Daily Mail: A […]

Paki-American Arrested in DC Metro Terror Plot

Another Pakistani-American has been arrested in connection with a terror plot in the U.S. This time, it’s 34-year-old Farooque Ahmed of Ashburn, Virginia. The U.S. Justice department said Ahmed was arrested today for attempting to assist others whom he believed to be members of al-Qaeda in planning multiple bombings at Metrorail stations in the Washington, […]

Yipee, Pak Terrorist Faisal Shahzad Jailed for Life

What a great day. Really nice day outside. Just look out the window. Yipee. 🙂 Folks, Faisal Shahzad, the Pakistani-American Islamic terrorist who made an abortive attempt to bomb New York City’s Times Square in May, was sentenced to life in prison by an American court a short while ago. Jailed for Life (Image: NYT) […]

Pakistanis – Pigs or Humans? You Decide

Paki Pigs Pimping White Gals in UK To all the schmucks who keep conjuring up visions of Pakistan as a wonderful country with just a few rotten apples, we offer the below table of a recent opinion poll by way of a response: Source: Pew Research, 2010 Folks, all of us – yours truly included […]

Pakistan – A Nation of Ungrateful Dogs

We’ve lost track of the billions our nation (i.e. the U.S.) hands out to Pakistan every year by way of aid. Over the last several decades, billions and billions of our tax-payer dollars have flown into Pakistan in arms, flood relief, earthquake relief, health-care, food and other forms of U.S. aid far too numerous to […]

Allah’s Ire ‘Rains’ on Pakistan

Terrorist exporter, Taliban sponsor, Al Qaeda haven, repeat attacker on India and whacko nation Pakistan continues to suffer the ravages of heavy floods. Media reports suggest 1,600 have died, 500,000 displaced from their homes and overall 12 million people affected. May the poor souls rest in peace. Read the details here.