If They Can’t Afford Roti, Let Them Eat Garlic Naan

Garlic Naan Bread Onion Pakora, Spinach Pakora, Batata Vada, Veg. Biryani and Mango Chicken Samosa Chaat, Grapes, Water Melon Jeera Rice, Chicken Makhani, Sprouts Salad Lamb Kofta, Tandoori Chicken Jeera Rice, Mushroom-Peas Curry, Mixed Vegetable Curry, Spinach Pakora Rice Kheer, Fruit Custard, Gulab Jamun Related Stories: India’s stingy definition of poverty irks critics

Picture of the Day – Bridesmaids in NYC

If you schmucks haven’t seen Bridesmaids, boy, you really are missing a good movie. We had so much fun watching this film and so will you guys if only you can think outside the box of your stupid Bollywood and Kollywood drivel. Bridesmaids movie hoarding @ W.34th St and 7th Avenue, NYC (Photo: iPhone 4)

Can You Schmucks Guess This Food Item?

Given our fondness for eating, we never miss an opportunity to stuff food into our mouth. In the course of our restless gustatory wanderings, we came upon this food item. Most Indians know the name of this food item though they’d be hard-pressed to identify it by looking at the below picture. πŸ˜‰ Let’s see […]

Not What You Think It Is

Being at a loose end this morning, we headed toΒ  a desi grocery store in the area and purchased this popular Indian snack. But the 99-cent snack tasted so awful (smelly, pasty maida flour and potatoes inside) that we trashed it. Fortunately, we’d taken some pictures earlier and decided to draw some value from it […]

Do Rama, Sita, Lakshman & Hanuman Really Look Like their Depiction in Below Picture? Just Wondering!

Rama Navami starts today, according to the wise folks at Wikipedia. And as we were scrolling through our image collection of Hindu Gods, we couldn’t help but wonder whether Rama, his wife Sita, devoted brother Lakshman and Rama’s faithful soldier Hanuman really looked like their depiction in the below photograph? Rama (center), Lakshman (left) and […]