Kick Review – Devilish Garbage

I’ve never seen a spectacle so perverse, so utterly ridiculous as an Indian turning into a big-time robber (stealing millions both in India and overseas) merely to help sick orphans. Get real, P-u-h-l-e-e-ze. As anyone the least bit familiar with the subcontinent’s ethos and culture will attest, our people are ‘devils‘ utterly bereft of the […]

Kindle Unlimited – Indians, Stay Away

Kindle Unlimited – Indians, Stay Away

Unlike Apple or Netflix, Amazon has never had class. If you ask me, Amazon is merely a more efficient version of Walmart and the Post Office combined. What I mean is that Amazon lets you get cheap stuff delivered to your house or office fast. Kindle e-reader and Kindle tablet are both cheap plastic junk […]

Dawn of Planet of the Apes – Gorgeous

Caesar Loves Humans More than Apes. – Koba I always think Apes better than Humans. I see now how much like them we are. – Caesar – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Not since the beast Salman Khan emerged out of the womb have things looked so bleak for the human race. Simian […]

Noah Review – Pain Guaranteed

By Madmax673 Noah director and writer Darren Aronofsky is pretty clear about two things. He doesn’t want all his audience to feel comfortable with his flick. He is resolute to make you squirm. Hey, he wants to make a statement too. And for that, he has taken to the Bible, his own version. Story Following […]

Highway – Highway Robbery of The Chase

(Thanks to SI Blog reader rvasam who first alerted me to the lift) Let’s get to the big question right away. Is Bollywood film Highway a lift of the 1994 Hollywood movie The Chase? The short answer – Yes, to a significant, unignorable, inexcusable, unpardonable degree. There are far too many similarities between Highway and […]