HOC Season 2 – Good Times Continue

The road to power is paved with hypocrisy….and casualties. Never regret. – Vice President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) in House of Cards Season 2, Episode 9 For less than the cost of a Bollywood movie ticket, once again I got to watch 13 episodes of a top-notch political drama – House of Cards, Season 2. […]

Jai Ho Review! Oops, Pay It Forward Review

Think of an idea to change the world and put it into action. – Writing in chalk on the green board in Trevor’s 7th-grade classroom in the Hollywood film Pay It Forward Bollywood’s murderous thug Salman Khan has gotten out of its pen and is busy promoting its new movie Jai Ho. Directed by Salman’s […]

Jilla, Veeram – Govinda, Govinda!

Venkataramana Govinda, Govinda! Each time a Tamil film releases, I temporarily regain my faith in God, and send up the above Govinda prayer to none other than Balaji of the Seven Hills seeking divine remission from the plague. I beseech the Lord to turn crappy Tamil movies into duds. And each time Balaji unfailingly lets […]

R…Rajkumar is R…Rubbish – Indian Critics

I feel I am going through some bad luck….My time is not right and somehow all my decisions aren’t going right too. (Source: Rediff) – Bollywood Flop King Shahid Kapur Indian movie critics are generally a forgiving lot. They tend to look for redeeming elements and hand out a pass grade to even bad Bollywood […]

Sri Siva Vishnu Temple Lanham, MD – South Indian Blessing for the Soul & Stomach

By Madmax673 For anyone interested in ‘Kovil Thirupani’ (temple deeds & renovation), a visit to the Sri Siva Vishnu Temple in  Lanham, MD is a great opportunity. Looks like the temple is working on procuring “Mooshika Vahana” (Mouse vehicle for Lord Ganesh) for ‘Vahana Seva’ at $15,000 for use in the temple festivals. Devotees are […]

Settai – Trailer Trash

Like the upcoming Tamil offal Settai, movie remakes in India are a collision wreck of failure and insanity, compounded by the devil of laziness. An abject failure of imagination and the insane Indian obsession for quick, easy money fueled by astonishing laziness, yes, that is the trademark Indian (dishonorable) tradition of remakes. Before you can […]