Actiontec Powerline Network Adapter Kit PWR 500 – Suffers from Encryption Issues

Frustrated with the intermittent WiFi connectivity issues plaguing my 27-inch iMac (despite a $1,700 price tag), I vamoosed over to Best Buy today and got the Actiontec Powerline Network Adapter Kit PWR 500 for $50. Actiontec’s PWR 500 provides Internet connectivity in the home through the existing electrical wiring circuits, promising speeds up to 500Mbps. […]

Teri Meri Kahaani – Garbage

One of Bollywood’s hideous actresses, Priyanka Chopra is the kiss of death for anything resembling class in a movie. If it’s a Priyanka Chopra movie, you can be sure the movie will be a piece of trash. True to form, Priyanka’s latest Bollywood outing Teri Meri Kahani is already drawing withering scorn from a gaggle […]

Velaikkaran Review – Intoxicating

I have no regrets that my birth happened three centuries after the curtain came down on the European Renaissance. After all, it’s been my blessed fortune to have lived through the glorious age of Tamil cinema, from the early 1960s through 2012. Tamil cinema has been unjustly vilified and much calumny heaped on it in […]

Johnny – SI’s 2nd Favorite Rajinikanth Film

(For Hari Jr) I am a barber by profession, murderer by accident, and today a human because of you. – A repentant Vidyasagar (Rajinikanth) to Archana (Sridevi) in the Tamil film Johnny (1980) Considering the abysmal quality of most Tamil movies that are made by schmucks for schmucks, the over three-decades-old Johnny is a darn good […]

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