Singh is Kinng: Akshay Kumar Buggers 500m Desis

Singh is Kinng Box Office – Not So Great Never in the annals of human depravity has so much agony been inflicted on so many (500 million Bollywood fans) by so few (Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Anees Bazmee et al). Like Attila the Hun, the mad doctor of Auschwitz Josef Mengele and Ivan the Terrible, […]

India News for iPhone 3G – A Junk App

We’ve long believed that most Indian software developers are fit only for Coolie, repetitive tasks. Ask them to develop a decent consumer or small business application and most of them fall flat on their face. Those with long memories will remember that even the “great” Tata Consultancy Services failed to make much headway with the EX accounting […]

Upcoming Movie Reviews in August 2008

Here’s a short list of upcoming Movie Reviews that will most likely be publishing in the near future. Selection of movies to be reviewed are based on readers’ suggestions and our own picks. Forthcoming Movie Reviews on English The Frozen River – Grand Jury Prize winner at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival […]

Dasavathaaram Review – Breathtakingly Boring

  Movie Critics Tear Apart Dasavatharam Dasavatharam is the second dud in a row from Tamil film star Kamal Haasan. If Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu (2006) was a bitter pill to swallow for Kamal Haasan’s fans, Dasavatharam is a bigger disappointment because of the heightened expectations raised by the ten roles Kamal plays in this movie. An […]

Walter Mossberg Lavishes Praise on Firefox 3

The technology priest at the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Walter Mossberg has heaped praise on the upcoming Firefox 3.0 browser upgrade in today’s issue of the newspaper. Here’s an excerpt from Mossberg’s review of Firefox 3.0 in the WSJ: I’ve been using prerelease versions of Firefox 3.0 for months, and have recently been testing […]

At $49 for an iPod, Resistance is Futile

For over six years, we stood steadfast in our determination not to join the hordes who fell under the sway of Apple’s iPod music player. Launched in October 2001, the iPod has achieved iconic status in the U.S. It’s everywhere – in the subway, in the bus and in the mall. Apple claims to have sold […]