Kedi Review – Not for Humans

What a piece of shit. To think we braved the snow and icy roads to watch this junk. Well, we should have known better considering it’s a Nagarjuna movie. We’ve long considered Nagarjuna an ugly pimple on the dirty backside of Indian movies. And the bozo proves it yet again in Kedi. After 25 years […]

Mayabazar Review – The Magic Endures

(by SI blog reader Asha Tampa) It is amazing how, after a period of more than 50 years a movie can continue to enthrall audiences of all ages – perhaps now more so than ever, considering it’s just been released in color. Having seen Mayabazar umpteen times since my childhood, it was pure pleasure to […]

Pee-A-Many’s Defense of Her Thieving Buddies

Here we are on a cold, rainy Saturday morning with lotsa time on our hands. So what do we do. Do what millions of others do – scamper over to that cornucopia of entertainment YouTube. Voila, what do we find here. That crappy Pee-a-Many piece of acting shit yakking away about the wonderful music for […]

Pravarakyudu Review – Not a Movie, An Abomination

A sickening piece of unforgivable, unwatchable, unendurable, unfathomable shit. And that’s the best we can say about this garbage a.k.a. Pravarakyudu. Acme of Stupidity What do you do in a South African jungle when a full-grown lion, mane and all and a fierce expression, heads toward you? Well, if you are a pair of Telugu […]