Arya Review – O My Brotheru, Idhi Yentha Trashu

Arya 2 Review – A Back-Alley Abortion Cheppu ra, Andhra vaallu eppudu kallu tagutara (hey, are the folks in Andhra forever imbibing moonshine)? Folks, the unequivocal answer can only be a resounding Yes. How else could this stupid shit Arya become a hit and why else would the Tollywood illiterati produce a followup (Arya 2) […]

Ek Niranjan Review – Ek Dum Garbage

Oh, whip me please. Harder, harder. If you are the whip-me, please whip me kind that loves to fork out $12 and get a stinging flagellation in return then this Ek Niranjan vile trash is for you. Sick Shit Folks, Ek Niranjan is so much worse than we feared. Who let Ek Niranjan director Puri […]

Watching Ek Niranjan

(via iPhone) Devuda, Devuda. 😉 We are inside the movie hall waiting for Telugu movie Ek Niranjan (Prabhas, Kangana Ranaut) to start. Puri Jagannadh of Pokiri fame is the director. Already 55 minutes behind schedule. What the heck does Ek Niranjan mean? No matter. It probably wouldn’t make much difference anyway. There are about 100 […]

Ganesh Review – Nijanga Garbage

Must be our bad Karma. The first Telugu movie (that too in the evening of our life) and what a ghastly nightmare it turned out to be! Just imagine how much more damage Ganesh would have inflicted on our senses if we’d understood the language. There must be a God somewhere smiling upon us. Kid […] Makes History – Ha Ha Ha

Folks, there’s no need for all those effusive thank-yous. Oh well, if you insist. You are welcome, ma’am. It was a pleasure, sir. Yes, we know that over the last couple of years we’ve overwhelmingly exceeded your highest expectations with our Hindi, Tamil, English, Kannada and Foreign Language movie reviews. But today is not the […]

Indian Movie Stars & Their Fancy Names

Several Indian movie stars, singers and directors have fancy names that are often so different from their real names. Why that should be so is not hard to fathom. As a matter of fact, it’s so simple in the Indian milieu. Indians with names like Gunasekhar Pandiarajan, Rajendra Prasad Purkoyastha, Badrinath Chattopadhyay, Sitalakshmi Ammal or Ritabadoornath […]

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