Watching Pravarakyudu

Pravarakyudu Review – Not a Movie, An Abomination God, how do you even pronounce this movie’s name? Directed by a fella named Madan, the movie features Jagapati Babu and that buxom babe Priyamani. There are about 70 people in the movie hall now. Hope this movie is decent. The last few Telugu films we watched […]

Critics Show Middle Finger to Arya 2

Allu Arjun’s latest crap show Arya 2 has received unflattering reviews from movie critics. Here’s a sample of reviews for Arya 2: * Sify: Arya 2 is not really a sequel to that trendsetter, Arya. Neither is the movie entertaining like the original nor does it have any interesting moments. In fact, it is big […]

Arya 2 Review – A Back-Alley Abortion

Critics Show Middle Finger to Arya 2 A pack of rabid curs descend upon a poor, helpless woman in the last trimester of her pregnancy and drag her into a dark alley on a moonless night. The frothing whackos then shove a rusted hanger up the victim’s twat. Folks, the resulting ugly, bloody, horrific aborted […]

Godavari Review – Kamalinee Sole Consolation

(Recommended by supergirl and elnino.aurora) Move over Vimala Raman, Tabu, Meera Jasmine, Navya Nair et al. We have a new squeeze now – Kamalinee Mukherjee. 😉 If that stupid shit Godavari (2006) has any redeeming elements, it came in the form of the talented Bengali babe Kamalinee Mukherjee. The young lass plays the role of […]

Yamudiki Mogudu Review – Dansu Onsu Moru, Crapu

Yamudiki Mogudu belongs to an era when Telugu film star Chiranjeevi was an ordinary Supreme Hero not the extraordinary Mega-Star he’s now. Last night, we traveled back in time to watch this film. And if you insist on a one-word summary of our Yamudiki Mogudu experience, all we’d say is: abomination. The Netflix sleeve of […]