Halal Food Envelops NYC

New York City is catholic (in the non-religious sense) in its embrace of different cultures, food and people. And sure enough of Halal too. These days it seems as if every direction we turn in New York City there’s a food establishment proclaiming its food to be Halal. The other day as we were walking […]

Bangkok City Voorhees – Decent Thai Food

In our ever persistent zeal to find a spicy exhilarating meal we occasionally explore other cuisines especially Thai and Mexican. Just like our Indian cuisine, Thai and Mexican cuisines are known for spicy food. The other day we were early for a movie at Rave Motion Pictures Ritz Center in Voorhees, New Jersey. So we […]

Indian Food Has Been Bastardized – Rahul Akerkar

There is no such thing as “Indian food.” It’s a fabrication of the West. Each state has its own regional cuisines: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bengal. And then even the states have subcategories — there’s coastal Maharashtrian, inland Maharashtrian, Muslim-influenced. Sadly, what most of the world knows today as Indian food is bastardized, trivialized — tandoori chicken, […]

Who Craves Curry When You got Thai Food

Yes, diehard fans of Indian cuisine as we are even yours truly occasionally tires of desi food and craves a change. So, off we headed to a Thai restaurant for lunch today. Of course, we’re not complete strangers to Thai food since we’ve had Pad Thai noodles on several occasions (both the restaurant variety and […]

Can You Schmucks Guess This Food Item?

Given our fondness for eating, we never miss an opportunity to stuff food into our mouth. In the course of our restless gustatory wanderings, we came upon this food item. Most Indians know the name of this food item though they’d be hard-pressed to identify it by looking at the below picture. 😉 Let’s see […]

Now You Know Why Indian Street Food is So Tasty

(Thanks to SI Blog reader KD) People say Indian food is tasty. But have you schmucks ever wondered why? Have you schmucks ever wondered what goes into your Chaat (Indian street food) or those fiery curries? Watch the below video and now you’ll believe us when we say that some Indians are the dirtiest SOBs […]

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