3 Idiots Review – Total Garbage

If you take a crappy Indian novel like Five Point Someone and pee all over it, is it any surprise that the end result should turn out to be a piece of mutated trash called 3 Idiots. And to those of you who mindlessly blabber that 3 Idiots has nothing to do with Five Point […]

Ghajini Review – Aamir Khan Disappoints in Stolen Shit

In these hard economic times, if your 2009 New Year Resolution is to cut back on wasteful spending and save money for the rainy days ahead, we suggest you start in the fading days of 2008 by skipping this piece of stolen junk called Ghajini. Yes, the Hindi Ghajini is the same stolen piece of […]

Dil Chahta Hai – A Charmer

(For Aditya) Not since we smoked pot in secret for the first time – in our college loo of all places – have we derived so much pleasure. (Like our former President Bill Clinton, we didn’t inhale… Ha ha, as if you believe us.) Really, rarely have we seen a Hindi movie with mucho gusto […]

Taare Zameen Par – A Glorious Bollywood Aberration

Just when we were resigned to the prospect of drawing a blank yet again in our Odyssean quest for fine Hindi movies, comes along a delightful Bollywood aberration called Taare Zameen Par. With its offbeat and gripping story supported by fine performances from the key players, Taare Zameen Par is an easy movie to love. Taare Zameen […]