Delhi Belly Box Office – Decent Collection

Delhi Belly has done well at the U.S. box office. Of course, the 4-day Independence Day weekend must have helped draw in the crowds. Plus, the movie surely had decent word of mouth despite its crass, toilet humor (the title of the movie says it all). For the July 1-4, 2011 opening weekend, Delhi Belly […]

Delhi Belly – Aamir Khan Gives Guy Ritchie a Neat BJ

Oh, no darlin, we didn’t hate Delhi Belly. Au contraire, it’s a pretty decent English film. At least by Indian standards, Delhi Belly is most certainly an entertaining movie. Paisa Vasool, as all ye putzheads like to say. It’s just that we’re amazed to see Aamir Khan forever chomping on one film-maker or the other’s […]

Muslim Heroes Thriving, Hindu Zeroes Dying in Bollywood

Here’s one of the biggest conundrums for all ye schmucks. Why is it in Hindu majority India it’s the Muslim heroes in Bollywood who walk away with all the glory, a lot of the moolah and most of the box office successes while Hindu heroes increasingly turn into zeroes. Movie after movie featuring Hindu heroes […]

Dhobi Ghat Box Office – Ha Ha Ha, Washed Out

Dhobi Ghat Review – Less Dhobi, More Phony Thank You, God (Allah, Ram, Jesus or wateva be your f*cking name). Thank you with all our heart for sinking this mediocre shit a.k.a Dhobi Ghat. Folks, the much publicized Aamir Khan produced Dhobi Ghat failed to generate even half-million dollars at the U.S. box office. What […]

Dhobi Ghat Review – Less Dhobi, More Phony

Say, since when does a New York desi living the good life in a plush, sea-facing apartment in Mumbai with a maid on hand to make and serve tea get her clothes washed by the Dhobi, an almost bygone relic from a different era. Hellloo, washing machine! Executives at GE, LG, Samsung et al if […]