Obama Roasts the Donald

Last night at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, President Obama made Donald Trump look like what the Donald really is – a clown with a weird hairdo. (For the benefit of our non-American readers: Republican presidential hopeful and real estate moghul Donald Trump has been making an ass of himself for the last few […]

Now We’d Like to See Sonia’s Citizenship Certificate

So much needless controversy for so many years. Finally, our President Barack Obama decided to put an end to all the nonsense over doubts about his birth in the United States and got his full birth certificate released. No, Obama was not born in Kenya. Yes, Obama was born in Hawaii, a state in the […]

Obama Job Rating in the Toilet

Two years back, U.S. President Barack Obama was the worshiped Messiah who could do no wrong. Today, Obama is the shunned Judas who sleeps with the (Republican) devils and can do nothing right. Unemployment is still an obscenely high 9.8% (the real rate is probably much higher), the war in Afghanistan is still going badly […]

Obama – Do Not Believe These Doctor Motherfu***rs

The battle has begun and some major shots will be fired tomorrow. Yes, the battle to continue to deny healthcare to the 75 million uninsured and underinsured Americans is in full play now. Noble Side On the good side is our President Barack Obama and other civilized humans with their grand, worthy vision of providing […]

Obama at White House Correspondents’ Dinner – Superb

If you missed our President Barack Obama’s speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner held at the Washington Hilton a short while ago, boy, you really missed something. Obama repeatedly brought the house down with absolutely hilarious lines. Here, click on the below video to watch Obama at the dinner poking fun at himself, VP […]