Dabangg Box Office – Falls 53% in 2nd Weekend

Folks, here’s some good news. Salman ‘criminal‘ Khan’s latest crappy film Dabangg has crashed at the U.S. box office. Hell, the movie couldn’t even hit the $300,000 mark in the second weekend here. And to think that the clowns in India are making such a big ado about this nonsense. Here’s how Dabangg fared at […]

Dabangg Box Office – Fails to Sizzle at U.S. BO

Dabangg Box Office – Falls 53% in 2nd Weekend Despite all the ugly publiShitty stunts the Bollywood criminal Salman Khan engaged in (including sucking the Paki dicks by describing the 11/26 Mumbai terror attacks as overhyped), his new movie Dabangg has failed to set the box office on fire. The U.S. box office, that is. […]

Dabangg Review – Garbage, Plain & Simple

The singular achievement of the sophomoric troika of actor Salman Khan, producer Arbaaz Khan and director Abhinav Kashyap is that with Dabangg they have reduced Bollywood to the level of those trashy Tamil films where a maniacal hero runs amok beating all and sundry to a pulp when he’s not making eyes at a buxom […]