I Hate Luv Storys UK Box Office – Not Bad at All

Surprise, surprise. Who’d have thought this crappy Bollywood movie would have grossed £202,907 in the opening weekend. Sure looks like whatever desis drink in the UK it certainly is not H2O. 😉 Here’s how I Hate Luv Storys fared at the UK box office in the opening weekend compared to a few prominent Bollywood movies: […]

I Hate Luv Storys Box Office – Mediocre Showing

Imran Khan’s latest crap-show I Hate Luv Storys has not fared well at the U.S. box office. For the six-day, July 4 holiday weekend (June 30, 2010-July 5, 2010), I Hate Luv Storys could manage a total gross of just $535,273. Folks, before you start swooning over the film crossing the half-a-million-dollar mark remember that […]

I Hate Luv Storys is Boring Shit, Say Critics

I Hate Luv Storys Box Office – Mediocre Showing (Kreacher: Posted via Windows Live Writer) I Hate Luv Storys is a boring, cliched movie, according to a bunch of critics. Featuring the two stars Sonam ‘Flop’ Kapoor and Imran ‘Flop’ Khan, the movie opened widely today in India (it opened in the U.S. on Wednesday). […]