Incredible India 56 – Indian Cops Expand Duties to Penis Surgery

Hey, hey, we’re back again with a new edition of Incredible India, those only in India blood-curdling stories. * It’s no secret that India’s policemen are notoriously corrupt scoundrels, rapists, thieves, encounter specialists a.k.a murderers and big-time crooks. In the past, some Indian policemen were even known to pour acid into the eyes of arrested […]

Incredible India 54: Lungis Lust for She Buffaloes

Wake up, schmucks. Tis’ time for the next installment of your favorite Incredible India, those Only-in-India stories. Nasty, Nasty We’ve always found something weird about South Indians. Yeah, with their Lungis, Dhavanis, shifty eyes, shitty names like Kombhu Iyer, Konda Reddy, Kothi Rao, KD Menon and Kattu Mudaliar, flaunting their fake Java and C++ certificates, […]

Incredible India 53 – How the Poor Survive in India

OK folks, fasten your seat-belts now. For we are back with the latest installment of your favorite series Incredible India. A short while ago we were reading a piece on Indian women renting their wombs to rich Westerners and sometimes rich Easterners (Japanese). That set us thinking of the many different techniques poor Indians resort […]

Incredible India 50 – Finally, Shameless Buffoon M.K.Azhagiri Opens Mouth

Only in Incredible India. Folks, only in Incredible India can a 60-year-old buffoon who cannot speak Hindi or English (the two official languages of the country and of Parliament) and to boot a first-time Member of Parliament, become a Central Cabinet Minister. Yes, we’re talking of the buffoon M.K.Azhagiri a.k.a M.K.Alagiri, India’s Union Minister for […]