iPad will be Cock of the Tablet Walk Even in 2015

In what must come as a surprise only to the babbling Android fan-boys, a new study from market researcher Gartner forecasts that Apple iPads will continue to lord over the tablet market into 2015. The number-crunchers at Gartner see Apple commanding a market-share of over 50% until 2014. For the current year, the iPad is […]

Non-iPad Tablets Should Roll Over & Die

The yawning gap between market leader Apple and the rest of the Tablet vendors (Motorola, Samsung, Acer, Asus, HP and the like) is growing wider. A couple of days back during a visit to Staples, we found the U.S. office supplies store offering $100 instant rebate on all tablets except the Apple iPad and HP’s […]

Some Nice iPad Apps for Indians

Indians have been slow to climb on the bandwagon of the iPad or other tablets, presumably because of the price and the absence of WiFi in most homes in India. Not surprisingly, Indian developers have been slow to build applications for the iPad or for its successor, the iPad 2. But in the U.S., the […]