Papa John’s Sweet Chili Chicken Pizza – I’m Not Impressed

Indians are mighty big on Chilli Chicken (a spicy Indian-Chinese delight that comes in dry and gravy formats, served as appetizer or entree and great with fried rice, noodles and Naan bread). Although American Sweet Chili Chicken seemed like a far cry from the famed Indian Chilli Chicken, I readily jumped at the opportunity when […]

Why Pee-za Hut Pizzas Taste So Bad

I knew there had to be a reason why Pizza Hut pizzas taste so godawful. 😉 Pizza Hut is not the only offender. A few years back, two Domino’s employees were in the news for their pizza shenanigans. Disgusting! I guess the only safe food is what comes out of your kitchen.

Uno’s 2 for $20 Deep Dish is a Nice Deal

Quick question – What’s better than a single Uno Chicago Grill Farmer’s Market (vegetarian) pizza? Quick answer – Two Uno Farmer’s Market pizzas. You can say what you will but I find it hard to believe that pizzas from the big chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s are really meant for human consumption! […]

SI Likes Domino’s New Artisan Spinach & Feta Pizza

SI likes crappy pizzas. That’s why we gobble up Domino’s pizza, gorge on Papa John’s mess and gormandize at the forlorn Pizza Hut buffet. So, when we espied an ad for Domino’s new Artisan Pizza today it didn’t take us long to fire up our Firefox 7 browser and order a Spinach & Feta Artisan […]

Ugliest, Horriblest Pizza on Earth – Sam’s Club Pizza

We dare you schmucks to find a pizza worse than the Sam’s Club Veggie Pizza slice. Hellishly, devilish bad. Hard crust, little cheese, horrible quality cheese, not even lukewarm, lousy service (Dover, DE) and chewy edges all come together to end in the grand finale of Disgusting Taste in the mouth. Bottom line, Sam’s Club […]