Saravanaa Bhavan NYC Turns into Health Hazard; Unleashes Live Roaches, Mice and Flies on Diners

Let the word go forth from this time and place that South Indian vegetarian restaurant Saravanaa Bhavan NYC on Lexington Avenue has turned into a hygiene nightmare and health hazard for diners. Critical Hygiene Violations at Saravanaa Bhavan NYC Live Roaches, Mice/Live Mice and Flies in food and/or non-food areas, Inadequate Personal Cleanliness, Potential Food […]

Saravanaa Bhavan Edison – Murder Most Foul

These days, murder seems to be Saravanaa Bhavan’s raison d’etre. Picture this South Indian vegetarian restaurant’s shady reputation: * Saravanaa Bhavan’s founder P.Rajagopal murders people, literally. * Saravanaa Bhavan founder’s son P.R. Shiva Kumar murders U.S. immigration laws, allegedly. * Saravanaa Bhavan Edison (New Jersey) murders diners, figuratively. Murder most foul, as the Ghost laments […]