Who Can Stop Apple?

Apple Watch Has Apple become an unstoppable, unrivalled money-minting juggernaut? Already a powerful force in smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, apps and music downloads, the digital media goliath today extended its appeal with customers by introducing two new iPhone models with bigger displays, an Apple Pay mobile payment service and the Apple Watch. Although Android devices […]

Will Apple Do a Jesus on Smartwatches?

Resurrection (Painting by Danish artist Carl Bloch) Billions of Christian zombies delight in the myth that Jesus rose bodily from the dead and fondly hail it as the Resurrection! In our own times, Apple is trying the Resurrection trick for watches with the impending launch of a line of smartwatches. Thus arises the multi-billion dollar […]

$300 Galaxy Gear – Right for Lemmings

In the remote chance Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, the so called smartwatch, proves to be a hit with the masses, it’ll only confirm my hypothesis that a lot of humans are no smarter than their simian forbears. You want to sell a “smartwatch” that works only with “certain” Samsung devices, is underpinned with mediocre software, comes […]