Telugu Groper Erramilli Gets a Reprieve

Telugu Bidda Srinivasa Erramilli, a serial groper on commercial flights in the U.S., will remain a free man for some more time. Erramilli was supposed to be sentenced on June 12, 2013 but the much anticipated event got postponed The latest postponement is attributed to Erramilli’s lawyer Edward Marvin Genson’s wife suffering “a serious, debilitating, […]

Telugu Bidda Srinivasa Erramilli Loses Battle for Acquittal and Retrial in Groping Case

Jail for Telugu Groper Srinivasa Erramilli Chicago Telugu bidda Srinivasa Erramilli has lost his court fight for acquittal and a new trial in the Southwest in-flight sexual groping case. U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow of the Illinois District Court (Eastern Division) recently rejected Erramilli’s petition against the jury verdict that found him guilty of […]