Telugu Bidda Srinivasa Erramilli Scores Hat-trick in Sky-High Sexual Groping

Jail for Telugu Groper Srinivasa Erramilli

Telugu sex offender Srinivasa Erramilli has scored a hat-trick, albeit a dubious hat-trick, for sexual misbehavior with women on three occasions in America while on a flight.

An Illinois jury convicted Erramilli Thursday of sexually groping the inner thigh of a Chicago area woman while they were seated next to each other aboard a plane from Las Vegas to Chicago in June 2011.

Erramilli, who was convicted twice previously of nearly identical crimes, was found guilty of felony abusive sexual contact by a federal jury Thursday following a three-day trial in U.S. District Court.

Telugu Bidda Srinivasa Erramilli Convicted for Sexual GropingSrinivasa Erramilli

Who is Srinivasa Erramilli?

* Srinivasa Eramilli was born on August 30, 1967.

* Erramilli is 5-ft 11-inches and weights about 175-lbs

* Srinivasa is named after a popular Hindu God Balaji, Lord of the Seven Hills, beloved of Telugus.

* Like a lot of Telugus in the U.S., Srinivasa Erramilli is also a software consultant.

* Erramilli hails from Andhra Pradesh, homeland of Telugus before they discovered America.

* Srinivasa Erramilli is associated with an IT company called Product Space Solutions, Inc. in Oak Brook, IL

* Sexual groper Erramilli lives in Aurora (IL), the city where the famous Venkateshwara temple is located and a hot favorite of Telugus, ahead of even Dum Biryani. The distance from Srinivasa Erramilli’s home to the Aurora Venkateshwara temple is 7.9 miles with a driving time of 21-minutes.

* Srinivasa Erramilli is married and has two children.

* Erramilli is already a registered Sex Offender, and most likely the first one in the Telugu community.

* Srinivasa Erramilli is an Indian national, working in the U.S. on a H1B or L visa.

* When it comes to airlines, Srinivasa Erramilli is not the discriminating type. While his earlier sexual incidents were on Northwest Airlines flights, the 2011 incident happened  on Southwest Airlines.

* Until his sentencing in April, Srinivasa Erramilli must travel only by car for all business.

What did Telugu Bidda Erramilli Do?

The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois said that evidence at Erramilli’s trial showed he was the last passenger to board a Southwest Airlines flight to Chicago’s Midway Airport on June 14, 2011.

Erramilli was seated in the only open seat available between the victim, who had chosen a window seat to sleep during the flight, and her husband, who had chosen an aisle seat to enable easier access during the flight. The couple had traveled to Las Vegas for their 34th wedding anniversary!

The victim, who was wearing shorts during the flight, testified that Erramilli groped her three times aboard the plane.

The first time she awoke to feeling something brush against her thigh; the second time, she testified that she awoke to feeling “pressure” on her thigh.

The third time, the victim testified that Erramilli placed his hand up the leg of her shorts and then rubbed and grabbed her inner thigh.

She struck Erramilli and yelled at him after realizing that he had been groping her. Other passengers and flight attendants also testified during the trial.

Erramilli – A Fondness for Breasts

Srinivasa Erramilli is a serial sexual groper with a fondness for groping breasts on flights.

The jury heard testimony from another victim who was seated in the row in front of Erramilli when he fondled her breast on a flight from Detroit to Chicago in August 1999. Erramilli pleaded guilty to battery in Cook County in 2000 and was sentenced to two years’ probation and five days’ community service.

In 2002, Erramilli was sentenced in Federal Court in Detroit to three years’ probation after he was convicted of abusive sexual contact for groping the breast of yet another woman aboard a flight from San Jose, Calif., to Detroit.

Why the Repeated Incidents?

The big question is why Srinivasa Erramilli keeps getting into serious trouble over the same type of bad behavior.

Erramilli is a Senior Software Consultant suggesting he is well qualified with two decades of experience behind him.

Ignorance of law is certainly not a factor here given Erramilli’s previous brushes with law enforcement.

So is Srinivasa Erramilli’s aberrant behavior a case of compulsive neurosis where people have little control over their actions?

People with Bipolar Disorder also tend to engage in reckless sexual behavior.

It’s not known if Srinivasa Erramilli suffers from any medical issues.

Erramilli Ousts Telugu Masturbator as King-Fish

Srinivasa Erramilli is not the first Telugu to get into serious trouble for sexual misbehavior on a plane in the U.S.

A few years back, another Telugu bidda Murali Krishna Nookella pleaded guilty for exposing his dick on a plane.

But Nookella is a small-time dickhead compared to the king-fish Srinivasa Erramilli.

Srinivasa Erramilli – Punishment

The sentencing of Srinivasa Erramilli (45) is set for April 26, 2013.

Srinivasa Erramilli faces a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

After completing his sentence, Srinivasa Erramilli will most likely be deported to his homeland India.

Srinivasa Erramilli – Court Documents:
Srinivasa Erramilli 2011 Indictment
2002 Incident of Srinivasa Erramilli

3 Responses to "Telugu Bidda Srinivasa Erramilli Scores Hat-trick in Sky-High Sexual Groping"

  1. araj   December 14, 2012 at 10:54 am

    U didn’t mention victim’s nationality. U skipped it deliberately or U don’t know? Responds:

    I have no idea of the nationality of victim….Late night for me.

    Indictment refers to the victim as Victim A.

    If I were to guess, I’d say the victim is Caucasian because of the Indian obsession with fair-skin.

    • araj   December 15, 2012 at 10:42 am

      “…………and her husband, who had chosen an aisle seat to enable easier access during the flight. The couple had traveled to Las Vegas for their 34th wedding anniversary!…..”

      Easy access to what? To the bathroom? That means the husband might be suffering from incontinence, which indicates the couple might be quite older. The fact that they are going for their 34th anniversary also vindicates that. Even if the woman married as young as 20, she must be 54 by now. This could be the reason why Erramilli so boldly made a move assuming that an older woman ‘starved of sex’ would find the physical touch of a younger man irresistible. It could also be that Erramilli himself has a penchant for plump older women in the range of 50-60 as they are much easier to turn on physically and much less demanding mentally than a hot lass.

      U spoke of a compulsive neurosis. I kindly doubt it.

      I suspect this guy repeated the act simply because he might have had fair bit of success with the groping & fondling technique especially with the older ladies, therefore, he might have brushed aside the past sentences as simply the inevitable collateral damage because the ‘pleasurable snatch’ so easily outweighed a bloody probation here and there. His insistence that ‘they like it’ also supports this theory.

      The case sounds more like a fetish for older women than a disease to me.

      May be the guy has some patterns in his past particularly at his workplace and in his past neighborhoods.

      He would have also naturally preferred Caucasian oldies who are surely far less inhibited and lot more attractive than their orthodox Indian counterparts. Responds:

      1. Compulsive Neurosis, Bipolar Disorder (I’m veering around to this view now) or a Fetish, Erramilli’s actions are not that of a ‘normal’ guy.

      Surely, he had to know that the Hat-trick wouldn’t get him hosannas but land him in serious trouble way beyond the “collateral damage…of a bloody probation” you mention above should his covert overtures go wrong as indeed they did and landed him in hot water. It’s not as if Erramilli is new to the U.S. He has been here at least since 1999 (the year of his first publicly known offense) and surely would know that he can’t get away easily each time. He was also a registered sex offender after the second incident (2002).

      Every “normal” sex offender in America knows the consequences of another groping/petting/raping etc incident would be severe.

      If Erramilli did the third groping despite that knowledge, he’s got two or more screws loose.

      The ‘she liked it’ defense must be seen as Erramilli’s desperate effort to extricate himself from a “sticky” situation.

      2. Plus, you have to factor in racism into most conflicts between an American and a non-American.

      And racism is far too complex in America.

      Not to be seen just in Black and White terms. It’s White vs Black, Black vs Hispanic. White vs Hispanic. White vs Asian. Asian vs Black. Asian vs Hispanic. Black vs Asian.

      Plus, older people tend to be more racist and turned out in large numbers for Dinesh D’Souza’s cheap shot film at Obama before the elections. Although race was overtly never the issue in Erramilli’s groping case, race is often just below the surface waiting to rear its head.

      Sometime back we had a fender-bender (minor accident) in NJ.

      The White cop was extremely hostile to us and overtly sympathetic to the Black driver of the other car. The cop repeatedly kept suggesting we settle it by giving her cash. He went as far as to suggest we borrow money from our family in NJ and give her the cash. The guy just wouldn’t believe us when we told him we had no close relatives in NJ. Since the other driver demanded $400 or $500 for a small scratch or two at the back of her car, we refused and said we’d ask our insurance company to pay. The White cop was not pleased with our decision.

      So that’s another angle here – White PLUS Black vs Asian!

      P.S.: The accident happened at a Red Light because I was looking at the signboard of a “Opening Soon” Indian restaurant and dreamily drooling over what I’d eat there. I have since vowed never to visit that New Jersey Indian restaurant and resolutely stuck to that promise. 😉

  2. bingo   December 14, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    Is there any possibility that the court will order a psycho analysis?

    The fact that all the misdemeanors happened on flight tells that may be he is suffering from anxiety related illness.

    It is very uncommon in our communities to seek medical help for mental issues because of the taboo associated. Responds:

    1. You write: Is there any possibility that the court will order a psycho analysis?

    Too late for all that.

    He’s already convicted! At this stage, he should just worry about saving his ass in prison.

    2. You write: The fact that all the misdemeanors happened on flight ….

    Sweetie, they ain’t misdemeanors.

    The latest incident is a Felony abusive sexual contact.

    Apparently, each time after he was caught Erramilli’s defense was She liked it. Source: Beacon hews

    Misdemeanor on a plane is doing it with your girl-friend in the bathroom and joining the Mile-High Club. 😉

    I wonder how many of my readers are members of this exclusive Mile-High club?

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