What’s Common to Telugu Killers in U.S.?

Telugu killers in America have one thing in common. No, it has nothing to do with the aromatic Dum Biryani or the fiery Avakayya pickle. Despite overwhelming evidence of their crimes, Telugu killers in the U.S. plead “Not Guilty” and waste tax payers’ money. Of course, most criminals routinely plead “Not Guilty” but what’s different […]

Telugu Murderer Sujatha May Plead Insanity

The lawyer for Florida Telugu murderer Sujatha Guduru, who shot her 17-year-old daughter on Monday, January 27, said today his client had been suffering from mental health problems for the last two decades. Sujatha Guduru may plead insanity as her defense. She has been charged with first degree murder, premeditated. In Florida, the charge is […]

Who is Sujatha Guduru?

Sujatha Guduru is the Telugu news item of the day in America. From Seattle in the north-west to Miami in the south-east and from San Diego in the south-west to Boston in the north-east, Sujatha Guduru is the hot topic of discussion among Telugu biddas in America. If you’re not a Telugu bidda and wondering […]