Singam Review – Sin to Watch Such Trash

(Bollywood film Singham is a remake of the Tamil Singam) Oh, no. Singam is not a bad movie. Most definitely not. Au contraire, it’s a hideously awful movie. Asingam (trashy), to use an apposite Tamil term. Sick. Crude. Trashy. Ugly. All of the above appellations fit this depressingly disgusting film to a T. If Singam […]

Singam First Half – Garbage

Via iPhone Thank God for the intermission. Folks, this is a much needed intermission from the Singam nonsense. Not one redeeming element so far in the movie. Prakash Raj as the villain is the usual screaming Kollywood bad guy. Surya as the police inspector doesn’t shine. Not in the least. Anushka is literally the ‘irritating […]

Watching Surya’s Singam – Poor Opening

Via iPhone We’ve braved the heavy Memorial Day traffic in the U.S. to watch Sori Padam Surya’s Singam. There are only 12 people for the opening show of Singam at a theater on the East Coast. Poor opening. Not a good omen. Surya’s recent movies Adhavan, Ayan, Vaaranam Aayiram, Vel et al have all been […]

Aadhavan Review – Sickening Piece of Shit

Adra Pinja Serupalae Edra Periya Aruvale Vetra Indha Nayingalae Folks, Aadhavan is a dystopian nightmare unleashed on unsuspecting moviegoers by a litter of sadistic pigs and pickpockets (Surya, Nayantara, Vadivelu, producer Udayanidhi Stalin, director K.S.Ravikumar et al) with the sole intention of pissing on your Deepavali celebrations. A harrowing journey through the hades, no less. […]

Asin in Ghajini – A Sin-fully Awful Performance

Ghajini Review – Aamir Khan Disappoints in Stolen Shit Ghajini Tamil Movie Review Last night, we sacrificed ourselves on the altar of the public good by watching Ghajini (Tamil) again. Badly bruised mentally by the ordeal, fatigued extremely by the torturous experience and filled with resentment over our fate, we emerged from the mishap in utter […]