Amazon Heeds SI’s Advice on Tablet Pricing

No, you schmucks are not the only ones reading, and more importantly benefiting from, the nonpareil SI blog. Y’all can pat your collective backs today that you’re in august company. Obviously, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is an avid reader of the SI blog because in August we recommended that the upcoming Kindle Tablet must be […]

Amazon Guns for iPad with $199 Kindle Fire Tablet

In hopes of riding the current tablet wave sweeping consumers, E-commerce behemoth today launched a $199 tablet it’s calling the Kindle Fire. As expected, it’s a 7-inch touchscreen device running a custom version of Google’s Android software. Can Kindle Fire Catch Fire with Consumers? Key Features * The dual-processor tablet weighs 14.6-oz, is WiFi […]

Sony Commits Harakiri by Pricing S Tablet at $499

Sony told the world today its keen desire to ritually disembowel itself by pricing its new S tablet (based on Android) at $499 (16GB version), same as the market leader Apple iPad. The 32GB version of the S tablet will cost $599. Sony said the 9.4-inch S tablet would be available in stores next month […]

Vizio Begs Consumers – Whip Me, Whip Me

Some companies just won’t get the message, at least not until they hear the swoosh sound of the whip falling on their exposed backside. People don’t want to buy just any tablet. They want only the Apple iPad. How hard can that be to understand. But some folks just won’t listen and keep rolling cheap […]