Trader Joe’s Samosas, Biryani – No, No, No!

When I noticed Trader Joe’s touting its Chicken Tikka Samosas as a “Top 10 Favorite Appetizer” for today’s Superbowl in East Rutherford, NJ, my interest was easily piqued. After all, no desi ever says “No” to Samosas, the most popular Indian snack and street food. Trader Joe’s Mini Chicken Tikka Samosa With much anticipation, I made […]

Trader Joe’s Aloo Chaat – Not a Bad Deal

When I heard Trader Joe’s new Indian offering was Aloo Chaat Kati Pouches, I was more than eager to try ’em. Like most desis, I crave Chaat (Indian street food) and found it intriguing that it’s now available in frozen form. So I made the 80-mile round trip to Trader Joe’s on a cold, rainy […]

Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Latte – Heavenly

The gluttons at SI have had Lattes at so many places – the neighborhood Wawa Food Market, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and several smaller non-chain stores. But never an invigorating delicious Latte like the one we prepared at home by mixing a scoop of Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Latte powder into a cup of boiling water. […]

Trader Joe’s Masala Dosa – Ugh, Yeeks!

When our Brown selves want to swim in a sea of White we haul our sorry Brown ass to the specialty grocery store Trader Joe’s. Other than our face in Trader Joe’s toilet mirrors (there are two), we haven’t seen a colored mug in there during multiple visits. Apple of Grocery Stores With 365 stores […]