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Feb 282013

In the spirit of noblesse oblige, SI is providing two informative tables providing total unit sales and their dollar value for the iPhone and the iPad from their launch dates.

The data has been collected off Apple’s quarterly and annual filings to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

iPhone Success

Except the stones the caveman used to ward off dangers and to light a fire, never in human history has a consumer product been so successful in so short a time.

Apple has launched six generations of iPhones since 2007 – iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

iPhone Sales 2007-2013

iPad Tablet

Apple invented the tablet category.

Before the iPad debuts, tablet sales worldwide probably numbered in the hundreds or, at most, a few thousands. Whatever be the numbers in the pre-iPad era, tablets were used only for esoteric applications and not a consumer device.

Apple has put five versions of the iPad since the tablets came out in 2010 – iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation) and the iPad Mini.

The 7.9-inch iPad Mini, Apple’s latest tablet model, debuted in November 2012.

Both the iPhone and iPad drive several billions of dollars in sales for Apple’s iTunes entertainment content store, App Store and the Mac App Store. We have not included those numbers here.

iPad Sales 2010-2013

Android & iOS Future

While Google’s Android platform is now making considerable headway against Apple’s iOS mobile platform powering the iPhones and iPads, it’s important to bear in mind that Android unit sales and net sales are spread across multiple vendors including Samsung, Google, Acer, Asus, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Lenovo etc.

It’s hard to say if Apple can drive the same momentum for the iPhone and the iPad in the years ahead but history will record the extraordinary success of the iPhone and iPad from 2007-2013 as a milestone in human accomplishment.

Feb 282013

For fans of Korean films, the new action thriller The Berlin File is definitely not to be missed.

Written and directed by the talented Ryu Seung-wan with a dynamite cast comprising of Ha Jung-woo, Han Suk-kyu, Ryu Seung-beom and Jeon Ji-hyun, Berlin File makes for an extremely riveting two-hours.

A beautifully crafted, fast-paced, intense movie with a fiery, touching finale, Berlin File was more proof that my commitment to Korean films was not misplaced.

A complex spy thriller set in, of course, Berlin, The Berlin File is packed with multiple layers of deceit, betrayal, corruption, espionage, duty and love beautifully woven into the film.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il has died and his son Kim Jong-un is the new supreme leader of the country.

In this uncertain period of shifting loyalties, changing political alignments and suspicion of the old guard, a colorful hodgepodge including Russian arms dealers, the CIA, Mossad, North Korean and South Korean spies and the Arabs vie for advantage.

Superb Cast

Ha Jung-woo (of Yellow Sea and Chaser fame) plays a ruthless North Korean spy Pyo Jong-seong stationed in Berlin, a key European spy station previously involved in stashing away billions of dollars of the late Kim Jong-il’s ill-gotten wealth.

Whether as the maniacal sadistic killer in Chaser or the out-of-his-depth cabbie in Yellow Sea, Ha Jung-woo is a volcano demonstrating a gushing lava of talent.

Ha Jung-woo is no less impressive in the Berlin File, as he furiously battles multiple enemies while maintaining a steadfast  commitment to his country and its all-powerful Communist party in the face of tremendous odds and constant treachery.

Nothing is as they appear to Pyo Jong-seong, not even his wife Ryeon Jung-hee.

Betrayal is an omnipresent threat.

The divinely beautiful Jeon Ji-hyun, the saucy star of the charming 2001 Korean romantic super-blockbuster My Sassy Girl, has a short but important role as Ryeon Jung-hee, wife of the North Korean spy.

Jeon Ji-hyun is not only drop-dead gorgeous but a remarkable actress.

Her soulful looks and fine performance melted and sent SI into paroxysms of delight. Continue reading »

Feb 272013

Premature obituaries on Apple have been written so many times, both on the company itself and and its dazzling offerings like the iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac and iTunes, that it’s now bordering on the tiresome to even scroll through them.

Time and again, the naysayers have been caught on the wrong foot and left with a big gob of egg on their faces!

Lemmings Return

Now that Apple’s stock is down 37% since September, the lemmings are back again with their zany predictions and commentaries on “lack of innovations” (as if innovations grew off trees and could be plucked at will), that the company is in its “death throes” or the death of Steve Jobs means the end of the company or other such wild fancies.

People seem to forget that Apple is a company with $137 billion in the bank and corporations with that much money don’t disappear and have so many options. Just because Apple has not made significant acquisitions in the past doesn’t mean it won’t do so in the future.

Plus, just this morning at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting CEO Tim Cook said in his typical underwhelming style that the company is “looking at new categories.”

Not to forget Apple’s recent moves to grow marketshare in large Asian nations like India, where the company has low penetration for its products.

Insane Predictions on Apple

Just in case you too are tempted to join the chorus of lemmings spouting dire warnings on Apple, it might be amusing to read previous predictions and commentaries on the company:

* Businessweek (On Apple opening retail stores)

Sorry Steve. Here’s why Apple stores won’t work…..Rather than unveil a Velveeta Mac, Jobs thinks he can do a better job than experienced retailers at moving the beluga. Problem is, the numbers don’t add up.

* Steve Ballmer (Reacting to iPhone)

Ha ha ha. Five hundred dollars fully subsidized with a plan! I said that is the most expensive phone in the world and it doesn’t appeal to business customers because it doesn’t have a keyboard, which makes it not a very good email machine …. I like our strategy. I like it a lot.

* PC World magazine (reporting after the iPad launch event)

The iPad is just a big iPod Touch….But it’s hard to imagine all that many of them will fork over the initial $499 for a crippled version, or as much as $829 (for the 64 GB/3G model you’d want)….For the iPad to succeed, it has to reach beyond that tight-knit fraternity, as the iPhone did. Best guess: This may not reach much farther than the Apple TV.

* Newsweek Technology Editor Dan Lyons (after the iPad launch)

I haven’t been this let down since Snooki hooked up with The Situation.

* Steve Ballmer (reaction to iPhone)

There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance. It’s a $500 subsidized item….But if you actually take a look at the 1.3 billion phones that get sold, I’d prefer to have our software in 60% or 70% or 80% of them, than I would to have 2% or 3%, which is what Apple might get.

* British Tech blogger Dave Parrack (reaction to iPad)

Reality kicked in, and it became more about what was missing and what was bad than what was present and good. Once again, Apple is offering style over substance.

* Michael Dell (on Apple in 1997)

What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (on iPad)

So, it’s not like I sit there and feel the same way I did with iPhone where I say, ‘Oh my God, Microsoft didn’t aim high enough.’ It’s a nice reader, but there’s nothing on the iPad I look at and say, ‘Oh, I wish Microsoft had done it.’

TechTarget poll (on iPod in 2001)

One of the “Top Five Worst” list of tech gifts to get this Christmas.

CmdrTaco of Slashdot (on iPod)

No wireless. Less space than a Nomad. Lame.

Technology Business Research analyst Tim Deal (on the iPod)

Clearly Apple is following Sony’s lead by integrating consumer electronics devices into its marketing strategy, but Apple lacks the richness of Sony’s product offering. And introducing new consumer products right now is risky, especially if they cannot be priced attractively. Continue reading »

Feb 252013

Does anybody give a damn for the Sony Xperia tablet?

No. No. No.

Look at the IDC tablet marketshare data – Hell, Sony is not even in the Top 5.

The top tablet vendors are Apple (43.6% marketshare), Samsung (15.1%), Amazon (11.5%), Asus (5.8%) and Barnes & Noble (1.9%).

Not a Contender

As Marlon Brando would have said were he alive today, Sony is not even a contender in the tablet game!

I haven’t seen a Sony tablet in Best Buy stores in a long time!

Sony Xperia Z

Yet the schmucks at Sony are putting out a new model, the Xperia Z.

Sony is touting Xperia Z as the “World’s Slimmest and Lightest Tablet” in the asinine hope that such claims will resonate with potential buyers.

Xperia Z is a 10.1″ tablet running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) with a 8megapixel rear camera and a 2megapixel front camera.

Not that anyone cares, but the Xperia Z is 6.9mm thin and weighs 495g.

Be prepared to pony up $499 for the 16GB version and an extra hundred dollars if you want the 32GB model.

Sony is failing in the tablet market because its design and features are not swaying consumers.

And Sony is incredibly stupid to price an underwhelming tablet at a premium price of $499.

Related Sony Tablet Posts:
Sony Commits Harakiri by Pricing S Tablet at $499

Feb 242013


With nearly 200ml of Chivas Regal inside the system, SI is already floating high. ;)

As usual, I’m rooting for my inamorata Jennifer Lawrence (nominated for Best Actress) and Silver Linings Playbook (Jennifer’s picture).

I see Queen Latifah with her big uns hanging and hogging half the screen!

SI will keep updating this post as the night moves along.

Stay Tuned, baby!

I’m blogging from my Windows PC after a long time….so..puleeze forgive this sinner any typos!  Remind me to buy a Mac for the basement!

Yes, the stars are seated, the Oscars are supposed to start soon but the commercials (Does any Indian give a flying f*ck about Tuna Sandwich?)  are still droning on.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll have some more Scotch!

I’ll be back.

Back at the PC

Now, who the hell is this host, Seth MacFarlane?

Never heard of him! :(

Doesn’t he look so gay?

We Saw your boobs, yeah, yeah! ;)

Best Supporting Actor Oscar

And the Oscar goes to Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained!


Christoph Waltz is a SI favorite since I watched Inglorious Basterds a million years back.

This is Christoph Waltz’ second Oscar!

No surprise!

After all, the Brilliant SI predicted Christoph Waltz would be the winner earlier today!

The Austrian actor is one of the greatest actors I’ve seen on the big screen!

Django Unchained is a lovely movie that SI watched at AMC 25  in Times Square.

Best Animated Feature

Brave wins!

I confess I’ve never seen it!

Best Picture

Who’s got the award?

More scotch for SI. ;)

Life of PI Wins

Yeah, an “Indian” film wins the Cinematography Oscar for Life of Pi!

Another Oscar for Life of Pi, for Visual Effects!


James Bond, Baby!

So many beautipool gals! ;)

I love the moosik in Bond movies!


SI read the book Goldfinger by Ian Fleming in 1978, or maybe even earlier!

His heart was cold, as is SI’s!

Nice Song! :)

Best Live Action Short Films

And who’s the winner?

Curfew – Shawn Christensen!

Who Won the Best Picture?

Liam Neeson blaah blaahing!

Ben Affleck , beard and all, is on the screen  droning on about the Best Documentary Feature!

Searching for Sugar Man wins!

Have any of the SI readers seen this documentary?

Best Foreign Film

OK, this is a big deal!

And the Oscar goes to Amour by Austrian director Michael Haneke!

SI has seen Michael Haneke’s White Ribbon and Caché.

Great director and worthy of the honor!

SI is pleased! :)

Maha Thrilled!

Ah, Ted and Mark Wahlberg is here!

And that’s what happens when you drink sooo much!

Sooo many typos! :(

Best Supporting Actress

Who got the award, kid?

And the Oscar goes to Anne Hathaway!


I hate this flat-chested *&%@#%$^&. :(


Sandra Bullocks looks like Priyanka Chopra!  :(


My Sweetie Pie Jennifer Lawrence is there on the screen!

Venkatramana Govinda, Govinda! ;)


Clooney Looks Old!

Sad! :(

Is that Barbra Streisand singing or are my eyes deceiving me?

There’s Mr.Pretty Woman, Richard Gere! ;)

Aha, one more Oscar for Life of Pie for Best Original Score! for Mychael Danna.

Bombay Jayshree screwed!

Ha, ha!  Great! :)

Skyfall (Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth) wins Best Original Song!


Adapted Screenplay

OMG, Charlize Theron is hot!

What would I give to get between the South African babe’s ….! ;)

And the Oscar goes to Argo (Chris Terrio).

Original Screenplay

And who the f*ck is the winner?

Wow!, it’s Quentin Tarantino, for Django Unchained!

Indian Movie Wins Again

Ang Lee Wins Best Director award for Life of Pi!

OMG, did Ang Lee say Namaste!

Only a foreigner can make a movie on India and win.

Indian mothafucka directors are worthless! :(

Shame on the Bollywood scumbags! :(

Best Actress

Tell me, my sweetie pie Jennifer Lawrence got it!


And the Winner is Jennifer Lawrence from Silver Linings Playbook.

I’m so Thrilled! :)

Long before all ye Indian chutiyas even heard of Jennifer Lawrence, I predicted big things for the babe!

Hell, we even named an Indian dish after Jennifer Lawrence!

Best Actor

Who got it, baby?

And the Oscar goes to Daniel-Day Lewis for Abraham Lincoln!

And Now for the Best Picture

The original Batman villain Jack Nicholson is on the screen!

OMG, Michelle Obama is on my TV.

Am I completely drunk? ;)

The winner is Ben Affleck’s  Argo.

Adios, amigos!

Feb 242013

Some corporations are like some people – Utter weirdos in their insatiable masochistic appetite for pain.

Not content with failing miserably in its earlier consumer tablet outing, HP today announced plans to ship a new Android tablet, the Slate 7.

Based on Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean software, the 7-inch Slate 7 costs $169 and is set to ship in May.

HP Slate 7 Android Jelly Bean TabletSlate 7 – Will History Repeat Itself?

I’ve taken a look at the specs and design of Slate 7 (see picture above) on HP’s web site and nothing I see leads me to believe the company’s second tablet outing will be any less disappointing than the first. Continue reading »