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Dec 192013

By MadMax673

Tamil film Biriyani opened to a fairly decent crowd this evening at a theatre on the U.S. East Coast.

Directed by Venkat Prabhu, Biriyani features Karthi, Hansika Motwani and Premgi Amaren.

The movie is supposed to be a black comedy.

Since it’s an Indian movie, there will likely be a romance track.

Venkat Prabhu's Biriyani Opens to a Decent Crowd at U.S. Theatre on East Coast

Report from SI Blog Reviewer Madmax673 from inside the U.S. theatre:

Decent crowd for opening show of Biriyani a.k.a Venkat Pabhu “diet” around east coast.

48 minutes…nary a Biriyani was found except title.

Premji Ameran opens his jaw wide open for way way too long.

Not sure what I am in for.

Review coming in a few hours.


The projection went caput for a few minutes post interval. :(

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  2 Responses to “Biriyani has Decent Opening in U.S.”

  1. Ah!!! I don’t need to see the review. We, of all Indians, know that SI and its readers only love one Biriyani and that is Chicken or Mutton Biriyani….. ;)

    Having said that I don’t expect a positive review, especially considering that Venkat Prabhu’s films have never been upto MadMax’s or SI’s expectations :) Responds:

    Biriyani review coming in less than 10-minutes.


    Here’s the Biriyani review:

    • I believe Venkat Prabhu’s films have never been up to his own expectations :( Responds:

      I don’t care if his movies are not up to his expectation as long as they are up to viewers’ expectation.

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