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May 152014

1PM – If you expect India will turn into a Land of Milk and Honey following Narendra Modi’s victory you ought to get your head examined!

2014 Lok Sabha Election Results

12:50PM – “He has my blessings and he will lead the country towards development,” says Narendra Modi’s mother Hiraba Modi

11:50AM – DMK rout! Fight between Azhagiri & Stalin will intensify now. Fun times ahead! End of Kanimozhi, Shanimozhi, Raja, Koja etc.
Kadavul Irrukaran (God exists)! ;)

11AM – Narendra Modi will be India’s 15th Prime Minister

10:10AM – AAP balloon bursts, draws a blank in Delhi.

10:05AM – Narendra Modi’s mummy happy with results. What about Modi’s abandoned wife? :(

10AM IST – Sensex up nearly 1300 points. Not good for Aam Aadmi (I mean the people, not the party). Sensex rise is good for investors not for average people!

9:55AM – Ha ha ha. Corrupt A.Raja and joker Karti Chidambaram trailing. God Exists! ;)

9:46AM IST – I can’t wait for the Rats to desert Congress. Will happen if I know my former countrymen. ;)

9:37AM – WOW!! Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani trailing. Success in Software does NOT translate into Success in Politics

9:34AM IST – Modi/BJP wave sweeping India

9:23AM IST – Corrupt DMK Screwed Royally!

9:16AM – Corrupt Congress Chutiyas Staring at Huge Defeat

9:08AM IST – God, Grant me Rahul and Sonia Gandhi’s defeat

9AM IST (11:38PM ET) – BJP off to a strong start

Counting has started for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections that concluded recently in India.

If we’re lucky, Congress will be decimated. But the alternative, BJP, is not much to look forward to either.

BJP is as rotten, and as corrupt as the Congress. And to those who think Narendra Modi will usher in a Ram Rajya of wealth and happiness for all, could you please share some of the weed you are smoking.

May 132014

Sonia Gandhi chose not to become Prime Minister when she led the party to a stunning victory in the national elections in 2004. Instead, she anointed a loyal technocrat, Dr Manmohan Singh, as Prime Minister, while she called the shots on all important appointments and policies.

– Indian Planning Commission Member Arun Maira on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
Source: Times of India, May 14, 2014

Is Manmohan Singh a Hijra?

Writer after writer is peeing on Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s face!

Manmohan Singh has single handedly destroyed the reputation of the valorous Sikhs by his injudicious actions!

First, it was Manmohan Singh’s Press Adviser Sanjaya Baru, who unloaded his bladder into Manmohan Singh’s mouth.

Baru said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh “brought down the dignity of the office.” (Source: New York Times)

Now it’s the turn of Indian Planning Commission Member Arun Maira.

Maira all but called Manmohan Singh an impotent Chutiya!

OMG, how the mighty fall!

My Ire at Manmohan

Well, I do have a beef with Manmohan!

Hey Manmohan, you really should not have given me the cold shoulder when we encountered each other as you glared at me while walking down the corridor with your economist buddy (we both know who), the fella forever licking his student’s twat when he had a daughter only slightly younger than her!

But you were far too cocky then!

Right, naa? :(

Of course, it was obvious to discerning Indians long back that Manmohan Singh was merely a placeholder for Rahul Gandhi.

Unfortunately for the Italian memsaheb and fortunately for the Indian masses, Rahul Gandhi’s IQ seems to be on the same level as Bollywood mega-flop Abhishek Bachchan’s.

Manmohan, if you still have two pebbles hanging down I strongly recommend you pen your memoirs and expose that moron Rahul Gandhi and his Mama Mia for what they are.

Only a jackass like Rahul Gandhi would genuflect before Salman Khan, the butcher of Mumbai’s pavement dwellers.

Which writer is next?

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May 132014

I read the words of Jesus Christ, and I realized that they were true…I used to think that I had found God, but I believe it is more accurate to say that He found me.

– Hindu-born Christian Convert Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindal on How and Why He Became a Christian
Source: Washington Post, May 12, 2014

Bobby Jindal - Trash Talking ChristianJesus Found Me, Claims Bobby Jindal

Ha ha ha ha!

I have not stopped laughing about Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindal’s nonsense on how Jesus found him.

OMG, based on all the vile trash that Bobby Jindal has been spewing over the years it’s safe to say Satan found Jindal at an early age and the two have been engaged in a cozy love affair since.

Folks, of the countless trash talking Indian Chutiyas I’ve encountered in real life or online Bobby Jindal easily ranks among the worst.

Bobby Jindal is a sick beast who would allow a pregnant woman (even if her life is at risk) to die rather than let her have an abortion.

“I am 100 percent anti-abortion with no exceptions. I believe all life is precious,”Jindal told his home town newspaper The Times Picayune in September 2003.

This Brown man of Indian origin, now Governor of Louisiana, is so desperate to become President he’ll do anything, say anything.

Wooing Christians

Now Piyush Jindal is wooing Christian conservatives with asinine stories on how and why he converted from Hinduism to Christianity.

Describing himself as an “evangelical Catholic,” Bobby Jindal told a gathering of 40,000 conservatives at Liberty University in Lynchburg (Virginia) the other day that the “most significant moment of my life was when I turned it over to Jesus Christ and acknowledged Him as my Savior.”

Guys, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is a Satanic beast who stooped to deprive poor people of his state from receiving health insurance because of his warped views! Continue reading »

Apr 022014

Hindu-born Christian convert Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindal, the Indian whacko who wants abortion to be disallowed without exception even in rape or incest cases or if the mother’s health is at grave risk, has developed a bad case of Presidential itch.

In a desperate bid to gain attention of the media, the Republican base and Republican donors, Jindal is not only flinging mud at Obamacare but throwing up a sick alternative to fix America’s disgraceful healthcare system.

Bobby Jindal Wants to Repeal Obamacare

Jindal charges Obamacare with being “fiscally unsustainable” and demands the signature ‘achievement’ of Barack Obama “be repealed in its entirety.”

Folks, let’s not forget that it was the same hypocrite Jindal who voted “No” to allowing the government to negotiate directly with drugmakers for lower prescription drug prices for Medicare patients. That would have yielded significant savings to the government but the so called fiscal conservative Jindal opposed the measure.

If Jindal’s opposition to Obamacare and his alternative proposal are bad news, the good news is that the bozo has no chance of making any headway with his stupid plan and zero possibility of getting Obamacare repealed.

Obamacare – Far from Perfect

We’ll be the first to admit Obamacare is not perfect.

Good Lord, there’re so many issues with it including high premiums, high deductibles and the refusal to confront the crucial issue of obscene pricing by doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

But Obamacare is at least a beginning in the right direction since it has some pluses like coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Jindal Alternative – Trash

Bobby Jindal’s alternative for fixing America’s healthcare crisis is the same old rehash of Republican non-starter initiatives of the past.

Using meaningless expressions like “empowering patients” and “enhancing patient choice” in a 24-page proposal released today, Jindal lashes out at Obamacare.

At bottom, Bobby Jindal is no different from any of the other Republicans in his love for “market forces” to fix America’s disgraceful healthcare system. No matter that the market is poor comfort for millions without insurance.

Some of the measures Jindal recommends in his proposal include:

* Standard tax deduction for all insurance purchases

* Encouraging Health Savings accounts

* Restricting abortion

* Bringing religion into healthcare by allowing businesses and doctors/nurses the legal right to refuse to provide services on “conscience” grounds [see p.19 of Jindal’s plan]

* Limiting malpractice lawsuits against hospitals and doctors and damages for victims

* Destroying Medicare by trying to push elderly into private “premium support” schemes

* Cutting Medicaid through the cockamamie nonsense of “fixed funding allotment”

* Letting people buy insurance across state lines (a suggestion discredited by economists like Paul Krugman and other thinkers as being harmful to consumers)

Most of Jindal’s proposals are worthless and will do little to improve America’s train-wreck of a healthcare system.

Given rampant, inhuman greed of hospitals, pharma companies and doctors, the only humane healthcare system is a universal single-payer system like Canada or UK.

But a single-payer system will never come about in America as long as we have ReThuglican beasts like Bobby Jindal with their satanic love for “market forces.”

What about Bobby?

Given his Christian fundamentalist beliefs, Bobby Jindal is a disgrace to the Indian community and a blot on America.

Besides his nasty Christian fundamentalist beliefs, Jindal is also pro-guns, opposes gay marriage, voted against the Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007 and is opposed to raising the minimum wage (a pathetic $7.25 an hour).

But as with all savage beasts, Jindal suffers from unbridled ambition.

The man can’t wait to get into the White House.

Currently in his second term as Louisiana Governor, Jindal has his eyes fixed on the 2016 Presidential elections.

But this clown Jindal has as much chance of becoming President as I have of dating Jennifer Lawrence!

In the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll held in early March, Jindal got a pitiful 2% of the votes, same as that dodo Sarah Palin.

After six years as Governor, if Jindal could muster just 2% of the Conservative votes then his chances of becoming President in 2016 is less than ZERO. :)

Jindal is unpopular even in his home state Louisiana.

In a recent opinion poll, 53% of Louisiana voters disapproved of Jindal’s performance as Governor.

It took over 200 years for a Black man to become President.

If this Brown beast Bobby Jindal thinks he’s going to become President in 2016, then I’m Alexander the Great.

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Mar 252014

Any doubts over M.Karunanidhi’s sanity because of his advanced age were dispelled today when he expelled his son Muthuvel Karunanidhi Azhagiri from the DMK party.

By any yardstick, M.K.Azhagiri is a buffoon and a lout.

Plus, his name notwithstanding Azhagiri is anything but beautiful (azhagu means beauty in Tamil).

M.K.Azhagiri – Buffoon
(Pix Courtesy: Hindu)

In any civilized nation, beasts like M.K.Azhagiri, 63, would have been locked up in a cage with other quadrupeds and prevented from any contact with humans.

But it’s India’s misfortune that barbarians like Azhagiri rise to the top thanks to the accident of birth.

Azhagiri’s henchmen were involved in the attack on Dinakaran newspaper in Madurai on May 9, 2007 causing the death of three people.

But nothing came of the official investigations into the tragic incident.

There’s little doubt that if Azhagiri were not Karunanidhi’s son he’d be grazing cows on the outskirts of some village in Tamil Nadu.

Karunanidhi – Dismisses Azhagiri

But even the filial affection Karunanidhi, pater familias of the DMK, harbors for Azhagiri hit a new low when he expelled Azhagiri from the DMK today for “anti-party activities.”

There have been rumors of Azhagiri supporting the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Azhagiri had been suspended from the DMK for anti-party activities in January.

Nurturing an ambition disproportionate to his talents, Azhagiri has been sulking ever since Karunanidhi selected his other son, M.K.Stalin, as his successor a few years back.

Stalin, Azhagiri’s younger brother, has been active in building the DMK for several years and believed to be more popular with the party cadres.

At the time of Azhagiri’s suspension in January, Karunanidhi made no secret of his displeasure over Azhagiri’s bizarre rant about the death of Stalin.

In recent weeks, Azhagiri has been making the rounds of celebrities in Tamil Nadu to drum up support.

The clown even visited Tamil film superstar Rajinikanth.

I wonder if Azhagiri believed reports of Rajinikanth’s miraculous powers! ;)

Madurai Bastion

Azhagiri is believed to have a strong base in Southern Tamil Nadu, particularly in the Madurai region.

Contesting the 2009 Lok Sabha elections from Madurai, Azhagiri won handsomely over his CPM rival.

Following his victory, Azhagiri was appointed Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Ignorant of India’s two official languages English and Hindi, Azhagiri was mostly a mute spectator in Parliament.

Wikileaks documents allege that Azhagiri was liberal in handing out cash to voters in the 2009 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections.