Why Duffer & Hitler are Partying Today

Rahul Gandhi is undoubtedly the Abhishek Bachchan of Indian politics, a lobotomized Duffer blessed enough to be born into the right Indian family. Narendra Modi, the business-friendly leader of Gujarat, justly earned the title Hitler of Indian Politics when he turned a blind eye to the massacre and pogrom of Muslims in his state. And […]

Corruption is My Birthright, My Divine Right

Great investigative report from Cobrapost on India’s corrupt parliamentarians! Give Cobrapost a big round of applause, folks! Operation Falcon Claw: Press Release Posted Below Verbatim: Operation Falcon Claw: Cobrapost Exposes 11 Members of Parliament Willing to Write Letters of Recommendation for a Fictitious Foreign Oil Major for Money The investigation, panning over a year, exposes […]

Spying on Impotent Americans is Forever

Get over it! Not withstanding the anger of millions of Americans over large-scale government spying, there will not be any change. Not one whit. Because the beneficiaries from the spying operations will not allow change. Helpless Americans America’s intelligence operations have been outsourced to private entities like Booz Allen and several hundred other companies. Whether […]

Karunanidhi – 90 Years of Torture

Tamil Nadu politician and DMK Leader M.Karunanidhi turned 90 today. And as usual, loudspeakers in Chennai and other cities in Tamil Nadu are blasting out songs cacophonous bilge extolling the “legendary virtues” of this bigamist and snollygoster. People in the know tell me that every part of Karunanidhi’s body except his brain is in a […]

Karunanidhi Made Chutias Out of Americans

[Karunanidhi’s] support in the DMK will probably erode as the trial gets under way….We feel that Karunanidhi’s political career may not survive this latest onslaught by the GOI….We feel that Karunanidhi’s remarkable political career has reached its crossroads and that it is now at the beginning of the end. – November 2, 1976 Telegram from […]