I Voted for the Kenyan! What about You?

Folks, I’m just back from the polling booth. The place was as deserted as a theatre screening an Abhishek Bachchan film. If you’re curious, I cast my precious vote for the Kenyan Citizen. Yeah, that African-American, who was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia. Some of you schmucks may have heard of the Manchuruian […]

Corrupt Congress Govt Arrests Anti-Corruption Icon Anna Hazare; Jail Bharo

India’s notoriously corrupt Congress-led government today thwarted anti-corruption protests by arresting Gandhian and national icon Anna Hazare. Anna’s arrest has triggered protests across the country. The 73-year-old Gandhian leader has been leading a valiant fight for a strong Lok Pal Bill to tackle corruption, the scourge of the nation. Anticipating his arrest, Anna asked Indians […]

Quote of the Day – Francis Fukuyama

Poor countries are poor not because they lack resources, but because they lack effective political institutions. – Francis Fukuyama in The Origins of Political Order p.14 It’s hard to dispute the above point, at least in the case of India. Despite the burgeoning population, India has plenty of resources. Certainly, enough to feed its 1.2 […]