Oct 122011
Dakshin Express Crushes Paradise Biryani Pointe

For some odd reason, Biryanis have become a big thing on the East Coast lately. From Massachusetts to Georgia and perhaps even beyond, it seems like every other day a Biryani place is opening up in one city or the other on the Eastern seaboard. In Edison, New Jersey, the two well-known Biryani places are the hole-in-the-wall Dakshin Express and Paradise Biryani Pointe, a larger operation with multiple branches. Having tried Egg Biryanis at both places recently, SI’s verdict is that Dakshin Express’ biryani (below left) is nonpareil, good enough to be served to Gods while the Paradise Biryani Pointe’s […]

Jul 272011
Season 2 of NJ Samosa Lawsuit - Hot Entertainer

Just as we were at a loss for a good Indian entertainer in these hot summer days, comes a new twist in the latest episode of the Great Samosa Battle of New Jersey. Think of it as Season 2 of the Great Samosa Lawsuit. On one side of the Samosa legal battle, you have a bunch of vegetarians. And on the other side, stands Moghul Express restaurant on Oak Tree Road, Edison (NJ) that we once reviewed negatively for serving crappy Indian food. Yes, both parties in the Great Samosa Lawsuit are of Indian origin. 😉 Generic Picture of Samosas […]

Jul 042011
Spice Zone - Spiceless Travesty in Edison, NJ

When your restaurant is Spice Zone (Rt-27, Edison, NJ), baby, the least you can do is spice it up. You know, give us a burning, tingling, sexy sensation. 😉 Spiceless Charade Alas, alas, Spice Zone turned out to be a spice-less travesty that dashed all our hopes on the hard rock of a mediocre kitchen. When you charge over $25 for our Indian food, we want full-service and good spicy food. Not crappy spiceless food in plastic trays/plates and self-service. Comprende? Chilli Chicken was not in the least spicy and to add gross insult to serious injury the sauce/gravy had […]

MovieCity NJ Review – Shitty Then, Shitty Now

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May 032010

How naive we were. We thought Anil Ambani’s Big Cinemas’ Movie City theater on Oak Tree Road in Edison, NJ would improve after the renovation. Shows how little we know. The theater is still a dump and richly deserves the MovieShitty curse. Here’s what we’ve seen at MovieShitty, post-renovation: * Pee all over the toilet floor. (Now, don’t tell us Indians don’t know how to pee.) * AC is not switched on even if it’s very hot inside the hall. * Sound System is awful. * Concession-stand staff who don’t know how to even operate the computers when we order […]

Jun 022009
Saravanaa Bhavan Edison - Murder Most Foul

These days, murder seems to be Saravanaa Bhavan’s raison d’etre. Picture this South Indian vegetarian restaurant’s shady reputation: * Saravanaa Bhavan’s founder P.Rajagopal murders people, literally. * Saravanaa Bhavan founder’s son P.R. Shiva Kumar murders U.S. immigration laws, allegedly. * Saravanaa Bhavan Edison (New Jersey) murders diners, figuratively. Murder most foul, as the Ghost laments in the bard’s Hamlet. In Hindu mythology, Saravana is a sacred pond. In the Kali Yuga (modern era), Saravanaa Bhavan is a metaphor for murder. Shiva. Shiva. Enna Kodume Saar, idhu (what agony). Saravanaa Bhavan Edison Murders Indian Cuisine (File Photo) Just Entitlements When you […]

Mar 272009
Jhupdi - Welcome Respite in New Jersey

Folks, let’s face it. Most Indian restaurants in New Jersey exist for the sole purpose of tormenting unsuspecting diners unlucky enough to step into their portals – they dole out huge dollops of ugly food, serve big helpings of trashy service and overall serve as bad poster boys for our wonderful cuisine, be it North Indian, South Indian, Gujarati or even Indian-Chinese. Thankfully, there’s the rare gem that we once in a while stumble upon in our never-ending pursuit of the holy grail of fine Indian cuisine. Jhupdi was one such rara avis in New Jersey, providing a welcome respite […]