MovieCity NJ Review – Shitty Then, Shitty Now

How naive we were.

We thought Anil Ambani’s Big Cinemas’ Movie City theater on Oak Tree Road in Edison, NJ would improve after the renovation.

Shows how little we know.

The theater is still a dump and richly deserves the MovieShitty curse.

Here’s what we’ve seen at MovieShitty, post-renovation:

* Pee all over the toilet floor. (Now, don’t tell us Indians don’t know how to pee.)

* AC is not switched on even if it’s very hot inside the hall.

* Sound System is awful.

* Concession-stand staff who don’t know how to even operate the computers when we order snacks.

* Credit card terminals that don’t work.

We don’t know what the hell is wrong with Big Cinemas head honcho Anil Ambani that he allows the morons at MovieShitty to spoil his entertainment company’s reputation with such poor service.

Folks, we strongly recommend you avoid MovieShitty.

Regal, AMC and Multiplex Cinemas at Towne Center (in East Windsor) are a million times better than MovieShitty.

Show MovieShitty the middle finger with gusto.

The scumbags deserve it and hopefully when the box-office and concession stand sales go down the schmucks will get their act together.

And to all regional film distributors/producers we say, it’s high time you started looking at alternatives to MovieShitty if you want to provide a decent viewing experience to your customers.

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