Dakshin Express Crushes Paradise Biryani Pointe

For some odd reason, Biryanis have become a big thing on the East Coast lately. From Massachusetts to Georgia and perhaps even beyond, it seems like every other day a Biryani place is opening up in one city or the other on the Eastern seaboard. In Edison, New Jersey, the two well-known Biryani places are […]

Samosa Chaat @ Desi Galaxy – Sheer Bliss

Ignore the rude service of the monkeys at the Desi Galaxy counter (1700 Sugar Tree Plaza, Oak Tree Road) in Edison, NJ. Instead, focus your energies on the chaat, Indian street food. Quick Bite on Oak Tree Road The other day we were in a rush and wanted to grab a quick bite in Edison, […]

Volga (Iselin) Review – Unfit Even for Dogs

Most Indian restaurants in New Jersey are bad. But some like Volga in the Parkway Plaza on Oak Tree Road in Iselin (NJ) are hopelessly, disgustingly, obscenely bad. So horribly bad that to even think of the dump gives us the heebie-jeebies. Volga Iselin (NJ) – Serves Pathetic Indian Food As we walked into Volga […]