Sankalp Edison Vegetarian Review – Fake South Indian Restaurant

Just like some humans monsters (think Hitler, think Stalin, think Narendra Modi and think all Republicans) should never have been born, some New Jersey Indian restaurants dumpsters like Sankalp Edison should never have seen the light of the day. Folks, if you think Sankalp in South Plainfield is bad then Sankalp Green South Indian vegetarian […]

MovieCity NJ Review – Shitty Then, Shitty Now

How naive we were. We thought Anil Ambani’s Big Cinemas’ Movie City theater on Oak Tree Road in Edison, NJ would improve after the renovation. Shows how little we know. The theater is still a dump and richly deserves the MovieShitty curse. Here’s what we’ve seen at MovieShitty, post-renovation: * Pee all over the toilet […]

Bombay Talk Review – Pol Pot’s Outpost in Iselin

You will not make a good death. (Source: John Burdett, Bangkok 8, p.100, emphasis added) After a particularly odious meal at Bombay Talk on Oak Tree Road in Iselin (NJ) the other day, we were reminded of the above Thai power curse that seemed appropriate to hurl at the fiends behind this trashy Indian fast […]

Saravanaa Bhavan Edison – Murder Most Foul

These days, murder seems to be Saravanaa Bhavan’s raison d’etre. Picture this South Indian vegetarian restaurant’s shady reputation: * Saravanaa Bhavan’s founder P.Rajagopal murders people, literally. * Saravanaa Bhavan founder’s son P.R. Shiva Kumar murders U.S. immigration laws, allegedly. * Saravanaa Bhavan Edison (New Jersey) murders diners, figuratively. Murder most foul, as the Ghost laments […]

Jhupdi – Welcome Respite in New Jersey

Folks, let’s face it. Most Indian restaurants in New Jersey exist for the sole purpose of tormenting unsuspecting diners unlucky enough to step into their portals – they dole out huge dollops of ugly food, serve big helpings of trashy service and overall serve as bad poster boys for our wonderful cuisine, be it North […]

Acme of Rasams – Swagath in Edison, NJ

Never have our lips touched such Rasam. It’s snowing outside…here we are drinking the acme of Tomato Rasams at Swagath (Oak Tree Rd), Edison, NJ 08820. Hot & Tangy & Spicy – ah, sheer Nirvana. Just right for this cold weather too. We must have done a lot of good deeds to deserve this. All […]