Greedy Desi Butcher Vomits All Over the Place

Yeah, yeah we’re talking about Vikram Pandit and Citigroup (of which Pandit is CEO).

Who else could it be when we refer to the greedy desi butcher, the bozo who fired tens of thousands while feeding like a pig at the trough. Vikram Pandit, of course.

This morning Shittygroup Citigroup announced full year 2009 results and as usual Vikram Pandit vomited all over the place.

Citigroup reported a loss of $1.6 billion (80 cents a share) for 2009. In the previous year, Citigroup lost $27.68 billion.

The fourth quarter 2009 net loss was $7.6 billion (33 cents per share), of which $6.2 billion was related to repaying the TARP loan to the U.S. government.

As we’ve said so many times, as long as the desi butcher Vikram Pandit – the moron actually boasts that firing 100,000 employees is ‘enormous progress’ in today’s press release – remains at the helm of the company, Citigroup has no future.

What are the odds that Vikram Pandit will still remain at the helm of Citigroup by the end of this year? Likely slim.

The man has been heading Citigroup for over two years and this is all he has to show for it – The hedge fund (Old Lane) that brought Vikram to Citigroup turned out to be a disaster, the man has butchered 100,000 employees, the fella tried to buy a new $50 million private jet and gorged like a pig on millions while presiding over billions in losses.

What a disgrace.

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