Hooray, Greedy Pig Vikram Pandit Out of Citi

Good Riddance! Desi butcher Vikram Pandit, one of the greediest desi *%$* in the financial sector, is out of Citigroup. Looks like it’s gonna be a nice day. 😉 Yesterday, Citigroup posted a 88% drop in its profits for the third quarter yesterday. Today, Vikram Pandit stepped down. Sweet! Both the New York Times and […]

Greedy Desi Butcher Vomits All Over the Place

Yeah, yeah we’re talking about Vikram Pandit and Citigroup (of which Pandit is CEO). Who else could it be when we refer to the greedy desi butcher, the bozo who fired tens of thousands while feeding like a pig at the trough. Vikram Pandit, of course. This morning Shittygroup Citigroup announced full year 2009 results […]

Face of the Blood Sucking Vampire

Folks, we have never shied away from highlighting the ugly face of one of the worst corporate animals in America – the Yama (Hindu God of Death) who has butchered over 70,000 jobs, the Greedy Suvar (pig) who hogs at the trough, the Shani (source of trouble) who has brought misery to countless Americans by […]

Death Watch – Vikram Pandit

Good times are a coming, folks. Yes, good times are on the horizon. Media reports increasingly suggest that the days of Desi Butcher a.k.a. Vikram Pandit, the CEO of Citigroup, are numbered. Here are some of the headlines for the greedy Desi Butcher, who massacred tens of thousands of jobs at Citigroup while drawing an […]

Desi Butcher Vikram Pandit Butchered

Desi butcher and Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit has joined the disgraceful gallery of America’s Worst CEOs. Describing Vikram Pandit as one of the 20 Worst CEOs, here’s what Conde Nast’s Portfolio had to say on our ‘desi butcher’: Pandit didn’t create the mess Citi is in, but he is the financial-services equivalent of the Titanic’s […]

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