Manmadhan Ambu Music Review – Poda Sombhu

Ah, the temerity of Ulaga Madayans who can’t act but fancy they can sing. πŸ™

Only in Tamil Nadu, folks.

Only in Karunai-illadha Nadu (no-justice land) can such blatant injustice go unchallenged.

Devi Sri Prasad is the music director of this romantic comedy that should hit the screens in the not too distant future.

It’s 12:21 AM on the East Coast.

Thank God, we’re already soused. Otherwise, we’d not be able to endure this Manmandhan Sunnambhu oops Manmadhan Ambhu cacophony.

A few minutes ago, we forked out $6.93 and downloaded Manmadhan Ambu from Apple iTunes directly to our iPhone over WiFi.

Ayyo, enna pavam pannitom!
What great sin have we committed.

OK, schmucks, let’s listen to the the songs now:

* Dhagudha Dhattham – Kamal Haasan is the singer and also responsible for the lyrics of this number that left no impact upon us.

* Who’s the Hero?Who’s the Zero, eh? Nuff said! Kamal Haasan is said to be the lyricist of this number too!

* Neela Vannam – A slow-paced number that has no redeeming qualities. Ayyo, Kadavule Kapathu (God, please save us) from such travesties masquerading as music.

* Oyyale – Sounds like a bad devasam (funeral) song. The harsh male vocal grated on our nerves. Need anymore be said about this folksy number.

* Kamal Kavidhai – The movie’s lead stars Kamal Haasan and Trisha Krishnan dish out this garbage masquerading as music.Β  Vendum. Vendaam, vendaam, vendaam (no, no, no).

* Theme of Manmadhan Ambu – Disgrace.

WTF is this tripe? No, that’s a rhetorical question. As if you twits know what a rhetorical question is.

* Manmadhan AmbuShaniyane, che. Idhu oru pattu (Oh, the devil is this too a song)? The kind of nonsense that you see/hear in a lot of Tamil films just a few minutes into the movie.

Bottom line, Manmadhan Ambu is mediocre shit. Certainly, not the stuff of legend.

Oh, well for these imbecile Kollywood fans this drivel will suffice. Bet these monkeys have already wet their undies!

Excuse us, will y’all while we refill our fourth glass ofΒ Gin?

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