Bodyguard is Garbage, Say Critics

Bollywood murderer Salman Khan’s new movie Bodyguard is  trash, say a bevy of critics.

But that’s hardly surprising because the real-life criminal has a recidivist tendency to feature in movies that are unvarnished garbage like Wanted, Dabanng and God Tussi Great Ho.

Here are a few Bodyguard review excerpts from a bunch of Indian critics:


The thread that Bodyguard hangs from is hopelessly slender and perpetually on the brink of snapping…..Of course, whether you find Bodyguard entertaining or not will hinge entirely on whether you have any patience for a storyline that is as brainless as a pea…..But Siddique is unable to decide whether he wants the star to project his Wanted and Dabangg ready-for-battle persona all the way through or adopt a softer, more romantic manner in the second half. Either way, the male protagonist and the film end up looking rather moronic…..So, if you value the mop on your scalp and the grey cells in your head and want to guard yourself against this potentially mind-numbing body blow, give it a miss. Better be safe than sorry!


“Bodyguard”, written and directed by Siddique, is in the same mould as Salman’s earlier Eid hits “Wanted” and “Dabangg”, showcasing the stars romancing, fighting and comedy skills, thus rendering things like the story and screenplay useless…..The director here is merely incidental and that shows. The gags are not funny at all, some are offensive and the dialogue is lacklustre. Unlike “Dabangg” and “Wanted”, this film doesn’t have a lot of action or pace, which drags for most of the first half…..The dance moves and songs seem like a rehash of “Dabangg” and “Ready”, making you wonder how many variations of the same film we will have to go through before they finally stop.
The screaming crowd might have been wondering too, because by the end of two hours, they had gone silent, and I even heard some booing towards the end. Unless you are a die-hard Salman Khan fan, please protect yourself against this film.


I had wished for a story in a Salman Khan film and I got it. And there was so much story stuffed into those 30 minutes that I was praying for it to be over. And it refused, as if taunting me, “you wanted story, you take story! And here take some more.”….The supposedly comic scenes on the other hand barely bring a smile or two. At other times, they bring cringes, especially when the “comic relief” side-kick comes on screen.


I was made familiar with the story of the original Bodyguard (in Malayalam) about a year ago and couldn’t help but wonder how silly it was. When the Hindi remake was announced, I hoped the story would be tweaked (especially the way it ends) to make it a better, more enjoyable film. As I watched the Hindi version, I realised the plot had been left untouched. And it was still just as silly.

Generations of Indians to come will rub their eyes in disbelief, shake their heads in a daze, look on in a rage and cringe in shame that as late as 2011, when tiny nations like South Korea, Denmark and Israel were producing dazzling movies, Bollywood filmmakers were still churning out mind-numbing, odious garbage like Bodyguard.

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3 Responses to "Bodyguard is Garbage, Say Critics"

  1. Hari   August 31, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    ha ha ha ha.

    Had expected this!!

    Malayalam movie was good.

    But Kaavalan was bad

    & now it seems that this version in Hindi is worse…

    A year back, Tamil & Hindi had taken a version of Ready of Telugu & made a hash of it in both languages..

    Now the turn has arrived for Bodyguard of Malayalam…

    ha ha ha ha

    thanks a ton for informing us SI!! 😉

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi in advance!! 🙂

  2. rama dasa   August 31, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    well at least Salman Khan is donating all the profits from the movie to the starving people in Gujarat’s villages right???????

    I believe that’s the only prayaschit that he can undergo to absolve him of his past…………. Responds:

    Talk is cheap.

    We’ll believe it when this murderer does it.

    • rama dasa   September 5, 2011 at 8:29 pm

      It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.
      Voltaire Responds:

      Still reading our Voltaire biography. Will let you know if we see this quote there.

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