Why You Must Kick Mainstream Media

(Image Courtesy: Times of India) It’s no secret that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is a drunk-driving murderer who mowed down several poor people sleeping on a Mumbai footpath and then, coward-like, the inhuman swine fled the crime scene without caring to help the dying and wounded. Like a rat, the inebriated Salman Khan scampered away […]

Secrets to Salman Khan’s Long Life

[Alexander Imich] always ate sparingly, inspired by Eastern mystics who disdain food. “There are some people in India who do not eat,” he said admiringly. – Interview with World’s Oldest Man Alexander Imich, 111, in New York Times Why do some people live long? Why do some people die young? I’m not talking here of […]

Jai Ho Box Office – Deliciously Miserable

Inshallah, Jai Ho will be the beginning of the end for Salman Khan. One of the silliest Bollywood movies in recent times, Jai Ho opened to a lukewarm response in the U.S. Part of the reason could be the lousy weather in the Northeast but I think a more likely reason is that desis in […]

Jai Ho Review – Intolerable Garbage

Only in that godforsaken shit-hole a.k.a. India does a real-life murderer, Salman Khan, don the garb of a good Samaritan on the screen (Jai Ho), flex his muscles, feign concern for the weak, and earn endless plaudits from all sections of society. In my lexicon, what Bollywood low-life Salman Khan does on the screen ad nauseum […]

Jai Ho Review! Oops, Pay It Forward Review

Think of an idea to change the world and put it into action. – Writing in chalk on the green board in Trevor’s 7th-grade classroom in the Hollywood film Pay It Forward Bollywood’s murderous thug Salman Khan has gotten out of its pen and is busy promoting its new movie Jai Ho. Directed by Salman’s […]

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